JD5210 blowing fuel pump shut off solenoid fuses

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JD5210 blowing fuel pump shut off solenoid fuses

Jim Keeney I have a John Deere 5210 that is blowing the fuses to the automatic fuel shut off solenoid on the fuel pump. If a new fuse is put in, the fuse sometimes blows without even turning the key. It blows immediately when the switch is turned to the on position, before the engine even begins to turn over. I am thinking the ignition switch is bad, but also fear the fuel pump/solenoid itself. Have any of you ever had this problem?

Thanks much.

~Jim Keeney

ross Take the fuse out and disconnect the shut off solenoid. Then get a fuse tester and check how much amp draw is on the circuit with the solenoid unhooked and the key on. There should be no amp draw. Then shut the key off and hook your solenoid back up and check the amp draw. I would guess that it will draw around half of what the size fuse protects it. What size fuse protects the solenoid?
JDBones Hello Deere tech 6 years, seen this more than a few times....the 20 amp fuse right?
On the thermostat housing there is a temperature sensor that is connected to a two wire harness that goes to the injection pump, this is the "cold start advance" portion of the system so it starts easier when cold, the sensor is so it doesn't activate once warmed up. If you disconnect the sensor and it works fine ohm the sensor, probably shorted.

Mike I agree with JDBones, except I've only seen it on 7000 series, so I didn't think of it at the time.
DCade I live in south Texas, so cold usually isn't an issue. Can I just leave the sensor disconnected without any ill effects?


mark read above
Larry Thanks to all of you especially Jim for asking the question. I spent more than a week (a few hrs each day) trying to solve this problem on my 5210 when I found this forum. Needless to say, I had my tractor running in less time than it took to put in a new fuse. You guys are great!
Tex Same problem and solution on a JD 5203. You just saved me a LOT of time and frustration .....THANKS!!!
Jon Duncan You guys saved me a lot of headaches. My 5410 did the same thing. And thanks to yall I had it going in 5 minutes.
mchildress Same problem with 5320. Found the fuse blown after re-priming the system and still no worky. On a positive note did get the gunk cleaned out of the priming fuel pump and it is genning again. Thanks guys
MECHANCE Same for my 5320. Took me longer than Larry. I had to drive tot he store to buy another 20 amp fuse.
mike shutoff won't start turn key dash lights up but won't spin over can short starter and spin engine over but won't crank any ideas checked fuses,seat switch.thanks
glenn Spent two hours trying to get 5410 going. Son came home read JD bones, tractor running in less time than it took to walk to the house.
Thanks a lot guys!

Blair Rudd tractor runs great but it started blowing to 20 amp fuel selenoid fuse under the dash repeatly.
LarryG God Bless You Everyone!!

Found the blown fuel shut off fuse prior to trying to put out hay before a big rainstorm.
Went and got some spare fuses and they blew right away. Next stop the internet. Unplugged the cold start sensor and got hay to the cows.
Never could have got service out here, THANKS!!!
JD 5303

William Davenport God bless yall for posting this..Traced my short to the injection pump ohmed it, thought the pump was shorted did notice what i thought was the thermostat checked it new it was grounded but didnt know if it was supposed to be.Was looking at road service with John Deere dont have to tell u what that cost found this site went back left it unpluged reconnected the switched hot cranked right up.LOVE YALL THANKS EVERBODY!!!!!!!A+A+A+A+ WILLIAM DAVENPORT FOMER BROKEDOWN FARMER

Karl Baumann JD Bones was right on. Thank you very much for your post. You saved us a ton of time and money.
Vaj I've tried unplugging and still don't work seems like it's not sending fuel. Bleed it and also compressed air/fuel and still don't work. Any suggestions, I have a Jd 5203 it cranks but does not fire. Checked for power and there is power at the injector pump.
Will edwards Thank you guys so much. Hotter than hell in the middle of hay field and tractor wouldn't start. Disconnected the cold fuel switch at the thermostate housing and replaced the fuse and started right up. After 6 hours of scratching my head, whipping sweet out of eyes and fuel everywhere. My tractor is running great. Thank you so much. Where would we be with out the Internet. Never thought I would be searching on Internet in the middle of a hay field. Thanks!!!
Joe Ware JD 5303...With the cold start advance disconnected, tractor is blowing fuse as soon as key is turned on. Second row down, second fuse from the left. I can't find a diagram describing what fuse that is and the manual shows a different configuration than what is on the tractor. This is my Dad's tractor so I am not really familiar with it. What should we test/look for? I have a picture of the fuse panel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Southpaw_Jim Thank you All!

Is it ok to run with this unplugged?

mikek I have a 5320 that won't crank, I have disconnected the cold weather switch, replaced the fuses, motor will spin but will not fire.
glacierguy Blair -
Go to this URL site that I've attached to see the official JD recommendation on how to repair this problem with your tractor... Good luck - I had the same problem too...


Jim Jr Our JD 5103 was blowing fuses when the key was turned on for some and had to leave it in the field. With advice from this blog, we disconnected the cold start solenoid and it works fine. You advice sames me big money. To be safe this winter I ordered another solenoid for about $61. Dealer had them in stock and did not dispute the need so must be well known by now.
Phil Big snow coming; 5320 would not start. Your comments saved my bacon. It was the cold start solenoid. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
bill replaced fuel pump injection pump switch in water housing, changed 20 amp fuse. cranked and runs as usual.
Battalion Chief I sure like the information I read in this thread. I have the same issue... I'm going to disconnect that sensor and pray that works. I'll come back for a follow up..
Battalion Chief YES! Disconnected the sensor and the tractor fired up in a SECOND. Wow.. THANKS!! I've been fighting this for WEEKS... Changed the priming pump parts and both filters (which was needed)..but so HAPPY now...
Roger Bull I spent hours trying to get my 5510 started. I tried to bleeding the fuel system which didn't help, I decided it was either sucking air or a blockage in the filter or fuel line. I drained the fuel tank and replaced the rubber fuel lines and fitted a new fuel filter, still it wouldn't start. I took the priming pump apart, this sits on top of the filter housing, and found a lot of grunge in and around the diaphragm. I felt sure I had found the problem but to no avail. I was on the verge of giving up and was convinced the injection pump was at fault when I searched the Internet for answers and found this discussion about the temp. sensor shorting out. Lo and behold I found a blown fuse! I pulled the connection off the temp.sensor, popped in a new fuse, turned the key and Bingo she fired up first time!....the Internet is a wonderful thing guys!!

JMartin My JD5210 does not blow a fuse but it simply will not stop running when the key is in the off position. i've checked fuses, tried a new ignition switch, plugged and unplugged the wiring to the injection pump. i also ran Diesel Kleen thru the fuel filter thinking that the fuel shutoff solinoid was gunked up. i did get it to work after one of my clean up attempts for a couple of hours but it's back to its old tricks and engine will not shut off when key turned off. I'm at my wits end. help
george krul Thank you, was pulling my hair out, ready to get a new injector pump, unplugged the sensor, fuse held and the tractor started. Great bit of info!!!
greg hey guys having trouble with my JD 5210 tractor with my fuel system... after reading your posts I have the same issues... now I am thinking I have fuel solenoid problems or the temp sensor.. but I am mechanically challenged too. was bush hogging and my tractor stopped. thought is was I ran out of fuel. but it was not so I think by trying different things I have probably made things worse. cannot find pics where to locate these solenoids . can you help...
Bill Nielsen Spent all day trying to get my tractor started to plow over a foot of snow out of my driveway. Read this blog,disconnected my cold start sensor and had my 5210 running in less than a minute.
peter price fuse blowes on fuel pump solenoid on 5820 when the engine starts

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