JD 318 fuel pump? no start!

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JD 318 fuel pump? no start!

Keith S I have an '85 JD 318 with the Onan engine. I used it in late Novemeber for the last lawn cutting and needed to hookup the plow last week to clear the first significant snowfall.
No start. engines cranks well. Tried all the usual suspects, even put some gas in the tank.
Some mice had taken up residence, but I cleared out their "home", sprayed the carb area and line with gumout and shot a bit of starting fuel down the carb. Cranked it and got a BIG BANG!, we got spark! And even a bit of engine rumble. Took fuel filter off, no fuel, took "in" line off from pump, a wee bit of fuel came out. I'm assuming there should be a vacuum line coming from the bottom of the pump, but I can't find one. Did the mice take it? where should I be looking? I've done LOTS of searches for a diagram to no avail. Where does it come from? Is there indeed a vacuum line at all? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Gus Danged mice will eat everything on your tractor! Could be they've chewed a hole in something important. Try your local Cummins dealership, they sell and service Onan products and may be able to help.
Dave Keith - The bottom port on the fuel pump is not connected to a hose. You may want to pull the fender deck and check the fuel lines from the tank for splits or cracks. If the incoming fuel line is split or cracked, you'll suck air and won't get enough fuel through the pump. Otherwise, it may be time for a new fuel pump. New ones have four ports with cap for the extra port. - Dave
Alan Keith,
The fuel pump is mounted onto the engine sheet metal shroud.The vacuum port of the fuel pump goes through the sheet metal to attach to the vacuum line then to the engine.You can't see the vacuum line because it is behind the sheet metal. I know I changed mine 4 years ago.I have a 83 318.
I would say check your pick up gas lines in the tank. Could be pluged. Try starting it with the "gas switched" turned to reserve. Maybe your main line pick up is plugged. The reserve line has a separate pick up in the tank.

Wally Trting to blow heavy wet snow today My 318 ran great. Shut it down and when I tried to start it up again it the engine would run for 2-3 seconds.
I did smell gas fumes prior to shuttong off the engine. No spittering or sputtering after 2-3 sec. Any suggestions?

dennis macdonald my 93 318 no fuel changed fuel pump still no fuel whats up?

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