5105 Fuel Leak

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5105 Fuel Leak

Joe S My JD 5105 has a fuel leak near the top of the engine which runs down the valve cover and left side of the engine. It looks like a rubber flex line that is crimped to a metal line that runs forward to the front of the engine. It drips slowly while the tractor is sitting and turned off.

Would this be a high pressure line or a low pressure line carrying excess fuel back to the fuel tank?

Is it something I can change myself?

chance follow the line if it runs from the tank to the pump (may or not be the injection pump some units have a charge pump) its high pressure

if it goes from a t fitting on the injector to the tank its a return, both lines you can change but you do have to bleed the fuel system afterwards

Joe Chance;

Thanks for your response. I will check later today and see if I can determine which type line it is.

My guess is that it is a dealer only item.

jason nichols I have a 2040 that the same thing was happening. This is a low pressure return line going back into the tank. Where the rubber line connects to the hard line coming off the top of the injectors the rubber line has expanded over time leting the fuel seep out and drip on the engine. You could change the rubber hose but I simply put a small hose clamp on the connection and have had no problem since.
Joe Jason & Chance;

Thanks for your suggestions. I did replace the line (it was a 1/4" flex fuel line). It turned out to be the return line. It cured that problem.

Now it has a new fuel leak, this time it looks like a leak around the sending unit for the float. :(
I plan to take pictures this morning and will show it to my JD dealer in Sherman, TX to see if they can identify the part/s needed.

Thanks again. :)


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