John Deere 755

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John Deere 755

Jeremy My neighbor has a Deere 755 with FEL and 60" Belly Mower, he needs to sell as he is moving and I can buy it for 3k. I am nor sure what year it is yet i am going to get the serial number this week to find out.

He cranked it up, everything seemed to work ok, it has some rust and paint is faded bad, the FEL will lift the tractors frontend off the ground but it was slow to lift, this mean there is a problem with hydros? I should mention the tractor had only been on for about 5 minutes, does it just need t owarm up?

This will be my first tractor and I don't know what to look for to determine if it is in decent shape, can someone give me details about what to look for along with info as to if this model is a good tractor and if the HP is enough for what I need, that being, light bushhogging, scarping a dirtroad, and discing and planting food plots for deer.


Gus If it was cold when the front end was lifted your neighbor maybe had the rpms low. Have them run the tractor to operating temp then to the rated rpm for the hyd. system to work and see how it does. Before starting check the oil and coolant levels, both should be at the correct levels. Oil may not be clean if it's a diesel but coolant should be either green or red-depending on the year of the machine, run the serial # past your local dealership to find out that info. When checking the oil, be sure to remove the oil fill cap and take a looksee for signs of coolant contamination. It'll be a thick greenish white snot on the underside of the cap. If it has that it's a good sign of a problem. Oil&filter/air&fuel filter change intervals are usually in the 100hr range, might be a good queastion to the seller. Check to see if it's well greased- they need grease to live.
Tractor life is measured in hours, the 60" belly mower means the tractor is in the 20 to 25 hp range. From what I've read on these sites 750 hrs is about midlife for the engine. Give or take a hundred or so.
If you do purchase the tractor you should (a strong sugestion) change all the fluid levels before putting it into service. Don't know if you're mechanically inclined but buy a maintenance manual and dig in, an excellent way to learn about your machine.
Good luck with it.

Jake I have a 755 and use it to plant a 1 acre food plot. Great tractor ! It has its limits but with the right attachments it gets the job done. I have very hard clay and it works great breaking up the soil. As far as the hydrolics go it sounds like the tractor needed to run for a couple more minutes. Mine does the same thing when first started. I bought mine with 1700 hrs and dealer told me it was just getting broke in. I also know people that have over 5000 hrs on these tractors and they are still running great. just keep the oil changed and everthing greased and it will last you a while.

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