1979 2130 slow rockshaft

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1979 2130 slow rockshaft

Stephen Ferguson Hi folks,
I have a 2130 with a slow Rockshaft. When I bought the tractor, I reconditioned the pump and steering box, changed filters etc. THe Rockshaft is slow and I'm wondering what the problem could be. I was told to see if there was a difference when I moved the steering when lifting, but ther is no difference. Any suggestions?? Also, I worked at the steering, changing all of the o rings in the box, needle rollers in the quadrant etc etc to make things a little tighter. There is still some play in the system. As far as I can tell, I've checked everything mechanical. Is it possible for the play to come from the box itself, and if so, can it be remedied easily?? Thanks.. (BTW, I enjoy reading about the subjects, educational..)

Mike Best thing to do is get a flow meter and check the output at the SCV's. If you haven't already, drain the hyd. oil and remove the suction screen and clean it, also change the filter. As far as the steering, there is an access cover on the left, beside the clutch inspection cover, check to see if there is play between the steering shaft and the pitman arm. Then on the other side is a cover with a bushing in it, could check for wear there, but you should know that if you rebuilt the steering.
Stephen Ferguson Hi,
Thanks for the advice, I changed the filter previously but made no difference, although I didn't touch the suction filter as it looked ok. As per the steering, when it was apart, all of the bushings were checked and deemed as being fine, obviously apart from the ones that I changed. Is there any possibility that wear in the Steering Box itself would be felt in the steering or because it is a closed centre system would this not be possible?? Thanks.

Mike I would go over the mechanical side of the steering again, have some one move the wheel side to side, and check all the joints. The bell crank under the fuel tank is a common place to wear out, the whole crank would move up and down when the bearings are done. For the hydraulics, a flow/pressure test needs to be done. You could try to cap off the steering line, to make sure it's not taking all of the oil for some reason.
Stephen Hi,
Thanks for your help. The rollers were all changed in the bell crank (including the shaft) and the ball joints are all tight. When the steering is moved, you can see that when the steering wheel is moved to take up the play, the main steering rod from steering box to bell crank is not moving, so that would suggest that the problem would be at the box. When the box was out, everything looked good and all o rings and seals were changed. I even had the box looked over by an experienced JD mechanic. The pin that connects the rod from the box to the steering arm is tight also. Anyway, we'll keep looking. Thanks for your help. Stephen.

jsambola I have a very slow lift on my 2130 are there any common wear problems that I should look at first. I have the rockshaft cover removed, but haven't touched anything.

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