Hydraulics 1978 John Deere 2040

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Hydraulics 1978 John Deere 2040

John Van Houten When I run the tractor with or without the PTO engaged for approx. 45 minutes the tractor gets extremely hot however it's not the engine over heating.It becomes so hot that even the key gets hot. Then a loud screeching sound starts but it doesn't sound like its coming from the water pump or hydraulic pump.Also how does the hydraulics cool down on this model because there doesn't appear to be a cooling system the hydraulics, Thanks
ross There is a hydrauic cooler in front of the radiator. When the front hydraulic pump doesn't need to pump anymore oil, whatever is leftover goes through the oil cooler and returns to sump. When does the sound start?
John Van Houten I looked very close there is no cooler in the front of the radiator but everything appears to be there and hydraulic lines are all original. The sound starts approx. 45 minutes after the tractor is runnig and when the hydraulic fluid gets hot.
G.T. Alligood I have a 2030 and the hydraulic cooler and radiator look like one unit. They are split and each has a separate tank. It is NOT in front of the radiator its appears to be part of it. Make sure the radiator fins are clean and open so air can get through.

wolfie The cooler may be the left hand side of the radiator. Depending on year, it may just have an oil reservoir just ahead of the radiator. Your tractor shouldn't have an overheat problem unless you have an internal leak. If your charge oil system can't keep up with the high pressure system, your stroke control valve will have a tendency to squeal as it goes out of stroke. You may want to idle the tractor and find out were the heat is generated. Could be the rockshaft or tranny lines leaking.
John Van Houten If the hydraulic pump isn't keeping up or if it leaks a little will it cause the problem. It leaks very little.

wolfie The main/high pressure pump is dependent on the charge pump and return oil from the hyraulic system. If the high pressure oil leaks internally (rockshaft, hyd pto clutch and/or brake,etc) the main hyd pump doesn't have enough oil supplied to allow the pump to operate correctly. Your hydraulic system is a closed system. Try this: after your tractor is warmed, raise the 3 pt arms 2 to 3 times. If the 3-pt starts to chatter the second or third time, chances are the charge oil can't keep up (which is usually cased by an internal leak). Make sure hyd filter and tranny screen has been changed/cleaned first If any internal leak exists the pump has to continually start pumping to the set pressure of about 2250. One of the most common problems are the O-rings sealing the guides in the rockshaft. The high pressure oil supplying the rockshaft is constantly leaking causing low return flow and excessive heat.

Bob Check the transmission screen first, the gear pump pulls directly of this screen and if it is clogged due to that precious moleacule H2O tearing down the brakes or PTO brake etc it heads straight for the screen. Hope this helps
John Van Houten Thanks for the input. I will try what u suggest and let u know what the out come is. I will change the tranny screen first and go frmo there.
John Van Houten Well the hydraulic fluid was drained and smelled a little burnt. Changed the transmission filter and removed the screen and cleaned it. It did have some dirt particals. Replaced the transmission fluid with John Deere Hydraulic Fluid.Ran the tractor with the bush hog for about an hour and it started squealing again and getting hot. I may change the hydraulic pump ot was rebuilt about 2 years ago by John Deere, any thoughts...Thanks
Mark Jacoby I also have a JD 2040 that has blown out the 3/4 hydraulic reservoir hose 3 times. John Deere says the replacement is a 3/4 inch auto heater hose. Each time I was operating the hydraulic remote system with either a haybine or a V-rake.
Mine is a closed system. I have noticed that the power steering below the steering wheel runs hot. I've only owned the tractor for 1 year and have rebuilt the rock shaft system.
Is the heat that is generated in a close system enough to blow out this return line that attached to the top of the hydraulic reservoir tank?
Thanks, Mark

Tom stone I have a 2040 that has begun to leak fluid ONLYnwhen trying to turn right? Help. We are in a remote westbtx location and help is a long ways away. What is the cause and can we fix it ourselves if we have the correct John Deere part(s)?
William The hydraulics on the front bucket is not working correct, the values were leaking and I took it off and had a dealer rebuild and repaire the values. I cleaned the screen and replaced the filter and fluied, but the front bucket will drift down, I thought if I used it and worked it some maybe air needed to get out of the system, but it is still not working right. any help thanks. William

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