318 battery light on/PTO won't work when hot

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318 battery light on/PTO won't work when hot

Jim D The battery light stays on; was OK after battery was replaced then started to stay on all the time. Battery shows 13+ volts with VM.
PTO will engage when tractor is cool but will not engage after it has run for a time. If the PTO is turned off after the mower has been used it will not engage until it has cooled down.
Any advise is welcome.

Dave Jim - The air gap is too wide on the clutch. When it is cooled down, pull the grill off the front. Around the perimeter of the clutch, there are three spring-loaded nuts. Adjacent to each nut is a slot. Put an 0.018" feeler into a slot and adjust the adjacent nut until you get a slight drag. Repeat at each additional location, then again twice more.

That should resolve the issue of the clutch engagement. However, is the battery light on all the time or only when the PTO is engaged? The field coil could be pulling too many amps, causing the low battery light to come on. If that's the case, you may need either an entire new clutch or a new field coil.

If the battery light is on even when the PTO is not engaged, you need to check the voltage coming off at the voltage regulator. Middle terminal, make sure you have the ground probe on the engine block before you touch the positive probe to the middle terminal. You should be getting 13.5 - 14.5 volts with the engine at full idle.

If not, your stator or voltage regulator may be suspect. Do the check and post back. - Dave

Jim D. Dave - sorry for the delay, I was on the raod all last week.
Did the chceck on the PTO - it was slighty off so I adjusted. Works OK
The battery light is on all of the time so I checked the voltage coming of the regulator. I did this twice and got the same reading - the VM needle went to the left of zero both times.
I am a bit of an amatuer at this stuff so I am not sure what that means.

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