JD 314 Loader

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JD 314 Loader

Chris I inherited a JD314 with a loader attachment, I am looking for intructions on how to mount it to the tractor. I was also told that it is very weak and doesn't really pick anything up what could cause that.


bontai Joe Without knowing what kind of loader it is, it's hard to give you mounting instructions. There were at least 2 loader manufacturers I can think of off the top of my head right now, Kwik-Way and Johnson, and of course there is the possibility that you also have a homebuilt loader or one modified from another brand tractor.

The weakness in lifting sounds like it's using the tractor's hydrostatic system for power instead of it's own hydraulic pump. Not that big a deal as the tractor was not meant to dig out basements or swimming pools, more meant for mulch, compost, loose gravel, sand. Don't think of it as "construction" equipment, think of it as being quicker than a shovel and no back pain.

Chris Thanks, you are right it connects to the tractors hydraulics, I have yet to try and mount to due to the winter conditions, I have a snow blade on there now and that drops slowly also, I was told that I might have a leaky valve that I should try and clean the valve.


bontai Joe I have 2 316s and your description of the blade dropping slowly is hard to visualize, since I can't see it. The normal operation of the front blade is kinda slow compared to the hydraulics on a piece of construction equipment like a back hoe. From full raised position, to full down position should take roughly around 4 to 5 seconds. Same speed going up. The flow rate and pressure developed by the tractor's hydrostatic system is less than what a true hydraulic pump would generate, hense the slower speeds.
chris In reference to the blade dropping, it drops by itself I am not trying to raise or lower it, I am at a stand still with the blade in the air and it will slowly drop to the ground as if the cylinder is losing pressure.

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