JD 2010 Gas just will not start!

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JD 2010 Gas just will not start!

Scott Moore To All;

Have a JD 2010 that has run great for years and now just will not start anymore. Just died while bushhogging last fall. Here is what I have done thus far. Changed points and condenser twice. Changed roder and distributor cap. Changed plugs. Had the carb rebuilt and I check the filter where the gas goes into the carb the other day. Even drained all of the gas and put in new gas. I have spark in the distributor when I checked the other evening. Just turns and turns but will not fire. I did have it started one time with the trottle all the way out. Ran for 15 minutes and that was it. One thing I notices the other day was that when I took off the wire from the the number 1 plug, stuck a screw driver in and did not get any spark. Remember I have spart in the distributor though. I have even changed the coil also.
Any help would greatly be appreciated. Getting very frustrated now at this, and I thought it would be something simple.

Leon Check if you have a good ground to distributer
often this happens an engine runs fine, suddenly,
no spark.

Wolfie Don't overlook the plug/coil wires. Many times the carbon wires just plain burn out. Make sure the wires are the old style with internal steel wires rather than the radio suppression type.

Once you have spark make you may want to put a timing light on to make sure distributor drive hasn't moved. Thought I remember working on this or the advance.

Brian Also check your coil to make sure it has not gone bad. If it has it *may* run while cool but short out and quit when it gets warm.

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