New 5325 engine failure

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New 5325 engine failure

gary Reisenwitz My 2005 JD 5325 just broke and the dealer says he will have to replace the entire engine. Motor had less than 10 hours and no warranty. Anyone else had any serious trouble with the new 5 cylinder Power-Tech engines? I would have thought JD (Corporate) would have had some interest in why their "new" engine would catastrophically fail so soon, but they seem uninterested.
ross Why is there no warranty on a tractor with less than 10 hours? Did they say what happened to the engine, broken crankshaft, spun bearings, no oil pressure?
Greg There actually is warranty your dealer maybe pulling your chain a bit, its called special policy....that is with those few hours.
DAVE If it is only a 05 it still should have warrenty.It has a 2 yr warrenty. What did they say was wrong with it? If for some reason other than owner or operator error and it is out of warrenty they can go to jd with a special allowance.
Gary Reisenwitz I have spoken to the Corporate Office and they all tell me the same thing. Since I didn't buy it from a dealership, I get no warranty, period!
I'm looking at around $7500 for a new engine. it appears that the timing gear and the crank gear ate each other up and broke apart, causing considerable resulting damage as the crank continued to turn with the camshaft stationary.
It does not appear that the John Dealer HQ is in any way interested in looking into why a new engine self-destructed, or in helping out with the repair cost in any way. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.

Gary Reisenwitz No warranty for me. They won't help at all. I'm being told by both the local dealership, as well as the corporate office, that since I did not buy this from a dealership, I get no warranty on this tractor, regardless of the fact that it has less than 10 hours on the motor. I am not getting any "Special Policy". Better be cautious buying a used John Deere tractor, regardless of the hours.
bontai Joe OUCH! That really stinks, and does not sound like Deere's usual policy.
Gary Reisenwitz Maybe its their "new" policy. Looks like it is pretty risky to buy a used JD tractor from any source other than a JD dealership.
dave Why don't you tell everyone on this thread that the tractor was in a wreck before you bought it? That explains alot.
gary R. The tractor was involved in a delivery accident. The tractor was on a trailer, not operating. The damage was light enough that the radiator, oil cooler and muffler were not damaged. Nothing on the engine was touched. Since the engine was not running, oil starvation or overheating were impossible. With no physical damage to either the exterior of the engine or parts to the tractor that surround the engine, any likelihood that the "wreck",as you refer to it, contributed to this engine failure is extremely remote. The likely cause of the failure is that one of the injectors locked up, binding the camshaft, causing the cam/crank gear to strip out and then trash the engine. This was likely a manufacturing/design defect. If you disagree, why don't you ask JD Corp why they refused to examine the engine to determine the cause of failure?

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