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49 8n wiring

tom w I'VE been working on my 8n for a few months. un able to get it to run. motor turns over fine. iT HAS BEEN CHANGED OVER TO A 12 VOLTS SYSTEM. I have been checking the web for information about the wiring of this tractor. It ran very good when I bought it last summer.I found that even though it ran , it's wiring is a mess. First the voltage regulator in not wired up to any thing and according to what i read thats ok.the resistor block is bypassed to.It looks like everything is straight wired.there is two wires that come from the alternator. one to the ammeter and one to the ignition switch.there is so much their i need something that is very plain to understand with the wiring system is not my thing, but i am trying. help!
Jim Loveridge Have you done a google search on "8n 12 volt conversion" or something like that? I think the info you need is out there.
Bob G Sounds like you have a mess. You shuld not need the voltage reg with a alternator. You need the resistor unlesss the square can coil have been modififed to use a round coil.
I would remove all wiring and start over once you figure out the alternator you have and what it requires. Jim is right aobut the google search. also search for 12 volt 8n wiring diagrams.
Good luck

Ken N Tx
Re: 49 8n wiring

Any more info needed, e mail me.

tom w You are right bob, i feel i need to start over with the wiring. the old harness in still their ,but cut lose and taped up. they used one wire out of harness to hook up solenoid switch to the starter button. all the rest in harness are cut lose.the alternator has three wires. two of the wires come out of a plug in the alternater. one of the wires in the plug goes to the key switch and the other goes to the same pole where the next wire is hook to. and that wire goes to the ammeter. none of those wires go to the resistor block. the key switch has three poles. one wire for key switch goes to a resistor in line to the square can coil. the other wire comes from alternator and the third pole on bottom of switch,wire comes from that to ammeter. nothing hooked to resistor block. unless the resistor block went bad I don't know why they did this with the wiring.jim I Found a site that says jmor's wiring diagrams (pictograms) In the pictures it shows everything going through resistor block. my tractor is a 1949 8n but the picture shows a 9n and 2n with a alternator with three wire hook up. do i follow this was as far as alternator? help.
Jim Loveridge Tom, yes I would follow that. The ignition systems were all the same from '39- early '50. But I would email Ken N Tx, or check out his forum. I'm not into these 12 volt conversions. A waist of money in my humble opinion. But since your tractor has already been, shall we say, mocified, you have to get him running.
Bob G the ignition switch should have only two wires to it. if you change all the wiring back to orginial you will want to change the switch out also. You can get a new wiring harness for the 12 volt conversion.
Re: 49 8n wiring

Check your wiring against the diagram and make sure that you dont have any shorts to ground

lha My observation is that 12v conversions can be done well and work,however I have noticed many,many topics about12v problems.My '41-9n is 6v but was 12v done badly.I fixed it easily by buying a generator,cuttout,a little wire and as soon as I did that Voila`!a perfecly running and usefull tractor.---lha
tom w thanks for all the info.I have down loaded several diagrams on the conversions that ya'll have sent me thank you so much! I believe if i could afford it i would convert back to 6 volt and be done with it. I want to restore this 8n back to where it was orignally. I HOPE i can call on ya'll from time to time for help! I'LL LET YA'LL KNOW what happens when I get it running. my tractor is in the registery in the 49 series late 49 under thomas w.
Bob G Have fun with your tractor and keep us posted with your progress. These machines can do a lot of work and are a lot of fun.

tom w thanks jim,bob,ken,Iha and wwildhorse2k for responding to my rescue ! have a great week!
leon i would like to know how to wire an 8n ford tractor from 6 volt to 12 volt with a single pole alternator.

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