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1944 2N won't start.

Jim Loveridge Here is my dilemma. I just put the engine back together AGAIN after stripping it down to have the seats ground along with the valves. The head was warped and it is now flat (pistons don't make contact). New rings last year. The compression is still low, 65-75. I've got good spark, valve lifter clearance is set, .015 exh. and .011 int. I do not have a source of gas hooked up to the carb, but I filled the bowl. When I crank it over even with starting fluid it won't even bark.

My next plan is to attach some sort of temporary gas supply and try to pull start it. I'm hoping that if I can get it running, the rings might seat. Any other advise?

Yes, I checked the firing order more than once.

Bob G squirt some 30 wt oil in each cylinder to hopefully increase the compression a bit!
Jim Loveridge Forgot to mention, that I put about a teaspoon of oil on each piston just before putting the head back on. Yes, the oil will eventually leak down, but I took the compression readings right after torquing down the head.

I'm taking one step forward and two back on this project. Two years ago, I put a new seal on the PTO. It has set like that ever since without oil in the sump. Yesterday I put 5 gallons of trans, hydraulic fluid in the transmission and what do you know. The PTO is leaking like a sieve.

Bob G Hopefully with a bit of PTO turning the seal will seal!

I was thinking that the oil might help to get it started, not just give higher readings.

Machines like to run, they don't like to set around! I worked for 35 years on helicopters and they always gave us less problems when we were flying them all day every day!

Jim Loveridge Yep, I agree with you on that. Our local bowling center's pin setting machines get very little use in the summer months. Then when leagues start up again in September, we see what the gremlins have been up to.
I can try turning the PTO by hand to see it it helps.

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