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57 ford 640 will not start

marty My 640 was running fine until clutch went out. I replaced clutch and started engine ran about 30 seconds and quit. Now will not start. I have replaced point, plugs, wires and coil. I'm getting fuel and spark, but will not start
Bob G You say it is getting fuel, but is it getting enough fuel. I would remove drain plug and check for fuel flow. should fill a pint jar in 2 to 3 minutes. I am not sure of the fuel filters on a 640 but probably similar to earlier models.

Will it start using starter fluid? if yes then you have a fuel problem, if no then you have an ignition problem.

Jim Loveridge You are getting fuel and spark, but it won't start. It was running fine before you replaced the clutch. Hard to know why it quit after 30 seconds. But at this point, I would double check the firing order of your new plug wires. Double check the throttle and choke linkage.
marty Have double and triple checked everything I can think of. I am getting plenty of fuel to carb. How can I tell if its continuing on from carb.
Bob G Will it run on starting fluid? if it will start on starting fluid and not without, you have a fuel problem!

You say you are getting plenty of fuel to the carb. Did you remove the drain plug and check to see it you are getting full flow THRU the carb.

Jim Loveridge Here's a thought. Did you have the fuel shut off closed while you were replacing the clutch? I'm wondering if it's flooded. Maybe the needle and seat got stuck open when you raised the front section up to clear the steering gear. I'm just trying to come up with a reason why it quit after that first 30 seconds.
Bob G Or how about the needle and seat is stuck closed.
Jim Loveridge Well, duh! Why didn't I go there. That's why you want him to check the flow THROUGH the carb.
Bob G I would also check to see that the plugs wires are installed in the correct order!

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