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Ford 8N distributor

Bob D 1948Ford8N..Can someone please tell me the position the snap ring that holds the breaker plate in the distributor should be...I can't seem to position it right...Does the flat part go on the breaker side or vice versa or should the end prongs be in the open area?


Bob D.

Bob G I have never worked on a front mount so I don't really know, but I would install it anyplace that it does not interfere with anything else. I don't see how it would make much difference, if it will fit into groove and not cause any problems with points.\good luck
Jim Loveridge I just went out and looked at my 2N distributor. The flat part runs along side the points and the prongs are in the open area, at about 8 o-clock. If your having trouble getting it in, make sure the plate is seated all the way down in. The plate on mine is a replacement and I had to do some filing on it so it would seat properly.
Bob D Trying to reconstruct what happened. One of the end prongs was touching the breaker point bottom plate. I thought it was in the groove. When I mounted the distributor back on the tractor the plate moved up and froze and the rotor et al wouldn't turn. When I took it out it was solid. I wouldn't have believed it would make that much difference. Not sure how much damage if any when I was trying to restart the tractor. Removed the snap ring and it freed up.

Also, not sure if it was totally related but I have no spark at the plugs (obviously) but my ammeter usually moves when starting but isn't now. I took the coil wire off and get a spark when I ground it. Will get back on it this week. Thank you for the response Jim and Bob..

Jim Loveridge If your aren't seeing a kick on the ammeter, It sounds like the points aren't opening and closing the circuit. It's either open or grounded.
Bob G I would start by checking the gap of the points. 0.015" could have shifted when things got bound up.
Bob D Regarding snap ring placement. I have tried almost every position to re-install the snap ring. But, without the snap ring in place the shaft rotates with a "good" smooth feel. When the snap ring is inserted the shaft rotates but there appears to be a drag. Can't figure out why. no matter where I put the snap ring. All I did was replace points, etc. never had shaft or breaker plate out. I'm baffled. Could I hurt anything by re-installing?
Ernie S Sounds like your breaker plate may not be seated down entirely into the lower sleeve bushing. Check to make certain you have nothing between the bottom plate and the sleeve. If your shaft rotates properly without the retainer ring in place but drags when the ring is installed you have a binding problem at that point.

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