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Engine Dying

Ken Two problems:

1. The starter button seems to be failing off and on. Now just makes a "click".
2. Running about 5 minutes then dies. Tried adjusting the fuel valve at the bowl in various ways but no help.


Bob G What tractor do you have? starter switches are different. Do you have a solenoid on the starter? is that is what is clicking? You may just have a bad battery cable connection. I would check both ends of each! 6 volts or 12?

Remove the drain plug in the bottom of the carb and with the shutoff valve open 2 turns, measure the amount of fuel you get. It should fill a pint jar in 2 to 3 minutes.

If it starts out with a good stream and then down to a trickle, you have found the problem, almost. There are three screens in the filter system. One inside the tank, one in the inside top of the sediment bowl and one that is part of the elbow going into the carburetor! If any get plugged, you will have what you do. Also the standpipe on top of the sediment bowl inside of tank can become plugged. One of mine did a few years back.

If the fuel is good, just as soon as it dies, check for spark at the plugs, not a few minutes later but real quick.
good luck

mark sr Starter buttons rarely fail - check the connections! Do you have the starter button on top of the tranny?
Ken Tried the "trickle test". Getting about half the amount that should run out in 3 minutes so I guess that would result in fuel starvation. Guess I'll start at the bowl elbow and work backwards. If the problem isn't there will have to drain the tank.

Connections all look good so I'm guessing the solenoid is bad. Shouldn't be. Put it on new last Summer.

Jim Loveridge You could try grounding the small terminal on the solenoid with a jumper wire a few times, to see if it's that or your starter button.
Ken Think I've found the fuel-flow problem. Removed the bowl to see how fast coming in from the tank. It was a steady stream but no way a pint in 3 minutes. Is the screen in the bowl apparatus or the bottom of the tank?

Bob G There is two screens as part of the bowl, one is inside the bowl at the top and the other is part of the sediment bowl but is inside of the tank.

the screen in the tank really only protects the aux fuel when the fuel valve is all the way open. With the valve open two turns for main fuel, the fuel is drawn through a stand pipe. the pipe itself can be pulled. I had one that did that.
I would post a picture but it seems that the system to post is not working right now.

You might try opening the valve all the way and see what you get!

Ken I was squatted looking things over and reached over pressed the starter button. It hi but the flat side of the solenoid was arching on the starter housing. What's that? I suspect that was making the starter button not work all the time.(?)
Bob G I think I would be getting a new solenoid!

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