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Oil to Rocker Arms

Stu I have a 1961 Model 641 Ford. Just had the motor rebuilt and now back in the tractor. I'm priming the oil system with a .250 hex wrench on the end of an electric drill motor. The oil pressure gage is reading 40 PSI, but no oil is getting to the rocker arms. I disconnected the oil feed tube and there is no oil feeding from the block to the tub. Any suggestions?
Bob G Might try a rubber tipped air nozzle and try blowing out the passage way. Don't have that problem with my flat head!! LOL
Good Luck

Jim Loveridge What did the people or person that rebuilt the engine have to say? I don't really know about the engine in the 6 hundred series, but I know in the NAA there is supposed to be a grommet at the bottom end of the rear oil tube. I would pull the side plate and see if it's there. If it isn't that may be the problem. You could also post this in the forum just above this one. That's the one for the later Ford tractors like yours. But let us know what you found.
Stu I found the problem!! Should have read my manual closer before crying wolf. On the 641 model and many others, there is a hole drilled in the camshaft and oil only flows to the rocker arm assembly when that hole rotates and aligns with the oil feed tube that leads to the rocker arm assembly. I rotated the camshaft until the hole lined up and was open. Then when I primed the oil system I not only got oil to feed to the rocker arm assembly -- I had oil going everwhere. Made a mess, but problem solved!! Cranked the motor and it runs GREAT!! Should never need to rebuild this tractor as long as I live, maybe my Grandson might, or maybe his son. I was 15 when this tractor was built. I'm 67 now. Thanks to you fellows who follow this forum and help us fellows that run into problems.
Bob G That is good news! It does help to read the manual at times. All else fails, read the manual!!LOL

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