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generator output

mike van I have 1950 8n with 6 volt system. I put the meter on it the other day, at the battery it putting about 7.7 volts. is that ok or is it too high?
Bob G It might be a bit high, book says 7.4 or 7.5 depending on generator, but i don't think i would worry about it. Might keep an eye on battery acid/water level, but you need to do that anyway. There seems to be problems with the voltage regulators we get these days. I have been meaning to make a test set up to see if I can adjust them or not. Too many projects and now it is time to go fishing!!
mark sr It's been a long time since I fooled with a voltage regulator but you can open them up and adjust them. I don't remember if there is a screw adjustment or if you have to bend the arm for the contacts.
Bob G The ones I have open, you bend the spring tabs to change the settings. I want to mount it to a board or something and run the wires to it from the tractor. Hard to do anything while it is mounted on the tractor. Will be fun to play with.
Ed think i would leave well emough like bob says...sometimes you go messing with thngs they get all screwed up & do more harm then damage,,i would run it untill i need a new regulator,,i go by the theory,,if its not broken,,,why fix it!!!!
Jim Loveridge Keep in mind, that back in the '40s and early '50s these specs were written using analog volt meters. Were they all that accurate back then?
Bob G I think a good analog meter from the 50s would probably be better than most meters today! At least in the consumer market! The one I have is most likely a early 60s one, and it is great!
mark sr I have a digital meter that never gets used! It don't like me .... but the feelings mutual. I'll take an analog meter any day, they are simple and easy to use. Better suited for a simple mind lol
dan hill If you took the reading soon after starting the engine it would be higher.Digital meters dont work well on generators.

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