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NAA Electrical Work

Michael Lacey 1. Does anyone have a good diagram that shows how the lights SHOULD be hooked up?

2. Is the sheet metal grounded? Meaning, can i ground the lights right inside the lense housing, or do i need to touch the engine somewhere?

I bought a complete harness kit and i feel like i have the head and rear lights hooked up wrong. Its been awhile since i wired it. Right now i have the head and rear light wires (2)grounded back at the battery tray where the positive ground cable bolts into the tray box.

Jim Loveridge Michael, my NAA only has a back work light. But I believe the lights are grounded to the sheet metal. From what I can see, the head and rear lights are wired to the one switch, which is connected to the terminal block. Go to the site, click on 'How To's' then click on electrical, then on wiring pictograms by JMOR. there is a good example for the lights on an 8N, but none for the NAA.
mark sr The lights on my NAA were originally grounded to the sheet metal but I kept having problems which were cured by running a separate ground wire.
Jim Loveridge I had to do the same for that work light on mine too. But it's so much harder to keep the rear fender grounded through dirt etc. than the front sheet metal I would think.
Bob G You will be happier if you run a separate ground wire.
Michael Lacey The diagrams were helpful and confirmed how simple the concept is. Run juice to each light and ground at the same location(s).

However, I can't seem to find a good ground. Any good spots you can recommend? I grounded the two front head lights to the bolt inside the lense housing. It worked, but they were extremely dim. I want to go back to spec, when possible. The extra wires that i had since made to run back and ground at the positive ground (battery tray bolt) made them work much better, but i didnt like the look of the extra wires.

What else can i do? is there a way to get better ground at the light housing by cleaning something other than the bolt?

Bob G When you are using the hood as the ground, then the connections where the hood bolt to frame has to be good. Every joint has to be good or you will get a loss.
johnb I recommend making up a jumper wire and running it from a scraped bare spot on the light shell to a scraped bare spot on the sheet metal using star washers and sheet metal screws.
Michael Lacey Thank you everyone. It appears i figured out the issue (me!).

I chose to take the ground from the rear and tie it back in at the source. However, I didn't have the wire hooked up very well to the head piece (I dont know what they are called, but the piece you crimp to the actual wire). i took it apart and connected it better, and then there was light!!

amazing how easily you can disrupt the flow.

Jim Loveridge Thanks for the up-date Michael. Glad that you saw the light. Those things are called terminals or terminal ends.

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