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Ford 8 n motor issues

Phil Hi there and thanks in advance. I have a ford 8 N , front dist. The motor will idol but when I try to give it throttle it runs similar to being down a cylinder. Here's what I've done
New points, plugs, cap, wires, head gasket, compression test good, new distributor, have blown out jets ans cleaned carb, new gas, the valves looked good when I had the head off.
This happened all at once when I was mowing last fall.
To keep this post short I have a couple questions
1) I'm thinking the next step is the cam gear. I can grab the rotor and wiggle it a little side to side. Is this normal? The spec I think is .006 and to my untrained hand it old be that. I'm not thrilled to pull the whole front off but if you can tell me an easy way to check the backlash that would be great
2). I've retired this fro 12 volt. Do I need the resistor or not? I read conflicting views about burning points or weak spark. Right now it's not in but I have good spark.

Bob G If you have 6 volts, then you still need the original ballast resistor.

Have you checked for fuel flow out the bottom of the carb? You should get a pint jar full in 2 to 3 minutes. The stand pipe inside of tank can become plugged restriction fuel flow.
You still could have problems with the carb. things can get in passage ways that air alone will not remove. some run wire thru all the holes. some clean the jets with welding tip cleaners. I would sure look a lot more before I would tear down the front end.

almost sounds like the spark advance is not working right, but you said you installed a new distributor. new as in new or as in different?

If you have access to a carb off off a good running machine, it would be an easy swap for test purposes.
Good Luck

Phil Thanks fr your reply. Sorry for the iPad auto correct but I have a goal in my next life that I can look up and type I drained the carb before trying to start it. The flow looked good. The tractor smokes carbon looking smoke so if the carb had issues so I'd think it'd be more lean in your case but that's easy enough to try. I have a few old carbs that I bought for other 8 N's I've had ill try swapping those out to see if I'm lucky. Is there a way to check the pro advance? The dist I bought was sold as new and looked the part anyway. The problem remained the same when I first put it on. Should the rotor have any movement on a front dist machine? On the carb from my limited experience that little screen on the end of the tube has cost me the most issues but the tractor never smoked. Thanks again
Bob G When you drain a carb, the flow will always look good until the bowl is empty. I like to open the gas valve 2 turns, remove plug, catch fuel in a pint jar and see how long it takes to fill.

One of my 8ns has the side mount and the other has a magneto so I know little about the front mounts. On a side mount i would check the advance with a timing light but yours does not have the marks on the flywheel.
I have to ask, but you do have the plug wires in the right order? 1 2 4 3.

Jim Loveridge You say is sounds like it's down one cylinder? Have you tried pulling off one plug wire at a time to try to identify which cylinder? Have you double checked the firing order? 1-2-4-3 front to back? Do you have a 12 volt coil on it? If not than I'm pretty sure you need a second resistor to step the voltage down.
Steve Bird I had a similar problem several years ago. The solution turned out to be mosquitoes in a very small filter located right where the gas line goes into the carbuerator that I didn't know existed. You may try opening the choke on the tractor after it starts missing/stalling etc. If it seems to improve it's probably a gasflow problem.

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