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1953 Ford 950 Neutral Safety Switch

Jimmy I suspect the neutral safety switch in my 950 needs repair. When I turn the key to the on position then push the start button nothing happens. I then push the shifter up and down a few times and try again, then presto the on switch magically works. I know the switch is connected to the shifter some how. Can anyone tell me where it is and how to get at it? I am worried if I start digging I will have an uncontrollable fountain of gear oil shoot out from the tractor, or a bunch of springs and gears will explode in my face like the time I took my dads pocket watch apart!!
Bob G Never heard of a 1953 950! You should get a manual for whatever tractor you have. If the switch is anything like my 8ns, the switch is providing a ground for the solenoid. the thumb switch is probably not making good contact.
Jimmy Sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but I believe it's a Jubilee? I think it's a step larger than the 9N but I am not sure.
Bob G A 53 would be a Jubilee, check this site out. a lot of info.

I am not sure about the Jubilee but my n's have a wire to the thumb switch. if yours does, make sure that connection is good. If you have to replace the switch, the top of the trans comes off pretty easily, at least on an 8N. I need to get a book on the Jubilee for reference! The n has a spring under the cover in the rear. It may stick to the cover. don't drop it in the trans. A new gasket and switch will probably fix you up, if the switch turns out to be your problem.
good Luck

mark sr When I bought my 1953 NAA the starter switch was defective and someone had added a push button. I replaced the defective switch - easy job! Just unbolt the tranny top and replace the switch. A repair manual always comes in handy but this is a simple job that really doesn't need any instructions.

The switch only works when the trans is in neutral. It's possible that cleaning your switch might be enough. While you will get gear oil on your hands, you won't loose any out of the tranny.

Jimmy Great thanks guys for the help!!! I got all the bolts around the cover out but the shifter lever is still there keeping me from taking the cover all the way off. I took the bolt off that I thought was holding the shifter in place but it still doesn't budge. Is it supposed to come off? Seems like it should so I can get the cover off. Also shouldn't the case be filled to the brim with oil? Everything inside is wet but no oil at the bottom of the case.
Jimmy You know looking at the site that Bob G gave I think my tractor is actually a 1954 NAA based on the hood emblem and serial number ( 950-1 then under that is says 112637 ). The cyclops hood emblem does not say Jubilee but just has the stars around the golden ford and ear of corn. Interesting when I bought it last year I was told it was a 53.
mark sr After the pin [or bolt] is removed from the shifter it should pull right out. The trans doesn't get filled to the brim, there is a plug on the side, you fill the gear oil to that level.

I'm pretty sure only the 1953 NAA has the golden jubilee emblem along with the dates 1903-1953 to celebrate it being the anniversary model. I don't think there are any other differences between the 53 and the 54.

Jim Loveridge Jimmy, according to a book I have, a 53 or 54 serial number would be preceded by "NAA" not 950-1. Where are you finding this serial number? Anyway, there is a pipe type of plug on the side of your transmission. When you remove that plug, the oil level should be only to the bottom of that plug hole. Not sure what you have, How many speeds does your transmission have?
yt55 It has five speeds. I am finding the serial number on the flat top of the starter bulge. Curious the picture on says it should be just below the flat on the side, but my serial number is actually right on top on the flat. The 950-1 looks like it was etched but the 112637 just below that looks like it was stamped.
mark sr Maybe I'm wrong but I thought all the NAAs had a 4 speed tranny. I'm thinking some of your tractor was replaced with parts from a later year model.
Jimmy I am thinking the same thing. When I look at the serial number it looks more like numbers from the hundred series from 1954 on???? But the emblem on the front is from the 1954 NA.
Jimmy Yeah this shifter lever does not seem to want to move. I am going to try using a puller to convince it to let go.
mark sr I don't remember for sure but I think the trans has to be in neutral before the the shifter will pull up.
I've never matched them up but I think the tractor body parts are the same from 1953 up until the late 50's [maybe later] the paint scheme changed in 55 but I think the panels stayed the same. Someone may have swapped out the emblem for whatever reason.

Bob G On an 8n the cover just lifts off with shift lever attached. Not sure about later models. Like mark sr said, make sure it is in neutral.
Jim Loveridge Okay, the 5 speed transmission is the clue. You don't have a NAA. You have a 1956 950 which is a High-clearance row-crop type, 172 cubic inch engine. According to my book the -1 following the 950 is a tricycle with a single front wheel. Is this right? Anyway, you need to ask the folks on the Ford Tractor (other than 9N, 8N & NAA) forum just above this one. I'm sure they will help you out.
Bob G iT SURE MAKES IT HARD TO GIVE GOOD ADVICE WHEN we don't know what tractor we are dealing with. Pictures are always a good idea and a look at smiths site is very helpful.
Jimmy ahhh that makes total sense. Yes the guy I bought it from said it was a 950 but that it was a 1953. I guess it WAS pieced together. It does not have the tricycle front its got the two front tires. So 1953 is probably where the NAA cyclops emblem above the grill guard comes from. But even that is not correct since that is from 1954 (does not say Jubilee).
Jimmy Yes thank you. You guys got me through half of it and helping me identify the tractor was a big plus too. I'll see what the other guys say now.
Thanks again.

dan hill The shifter rail blocks the switch unless the transmission is in neutral.leave the cover alone until you have proven the switch is bad.Ignition does not have to on to crank the engine.

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