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Starter Will Not Engage

Steve Bird Hello, I hate to bring this up again but the problems continue. I have polished every connection to bare metal. Battery, starter, starter relay. Sometimes I have to push the starter switch 20-50 times to get the starter to engage, mostly when it is cold outside. I get a real good double click when I hit the starter button. Could it be the starter relay is worn out? COuld it be the cable from the starter to the starter relay? Could it be a loose connector end? Everything is tight. I know the battery is fine because when the starter does engage the engine turns over strong. Thanks, Steve
Bob G If you are talking about a 9n then it does not have a starter relay! It has a switch that is pushed by remote linkage from the push button. It may be not making good contact. I think you were told the linkage is adjustable, but I am not familiar with the system. the switch itself may be bad.
good luck

Steve Bird It is a 2N, and yes, the switch is pushed by remote linkage from the push button. I am hearing the double click so I know that the push button is pushing switch. I've had the tractor since 1992 and never replaced the switch. I guess my question is whether the switch is something that can go bad or is it more likely a wire problem? Thanks, Steve
Bob G Jump between the two posts on the switch if you can. if it cranks, the wires are good. make sure y9u have it out of gear.

I had to replace a mechanical switch on my JD years ago. The contacts were burnt.

Jim Loveridge Yes, the switch can go bad. They are available and don't cost a lot. What Bob said is a good test.
Steve Bird It was an accident but I did jump between the two posts and it did crank immediately, but at that time it also turned over when I pushed the starter switch. I just ordered the switch and the cable from the starter to the switch. Once I get it and put it on I'll let you guys know what happens. Thanks, Steve
Steve BIrd Ok, I put in the new starter switch and cable from starter to switch. It still doesn't work. On the switch there is no way to tell which way to put it in (probably doesn't matter) so I tried it both ways. Neither way worked. I know there is an adjustment that can be made but don't see it in the manual and don't know where or how to make it. Can someone help?

The switch sounds like it is getting pushed in, but nothing happens. I can still jump the posts and the tractor starts right up. This is getting frustrating!

Bob G
Re: Starter Will Not Engage

I don't know any thing about it, but I have read that the bellcrank and part that pushes on it wears. I don't know about adjusting it, maybe make the rod longer?
good luck

Steve Bird Have you guys run out of ideas? In the area circled by Bob above I can remove the actual push button, but there is nothing to adjust on it. How do you get into the area where the bellcrank is located? Thanks, Steve
Bob G I wonder if it would be possible to solder a plate on end of switch where the rod pushes. Maybe it would take up the slop in the bellcrank? Just thinking. If you have the old switch might give it a try. I am not sure but I think to get into the bellcrank area the whole top of trans has to come off. That said I don;t have a 9 or 2n.
Steve Bird For now I gave up on the starter switch and am just jumping the switch. It's actually a lot easier than pushing that stupid button and works everytime! Maybe I'll try to work on it this summer again, or maybe not. Thanks, Steve

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