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Michael Lacey Does anyone know where you can buy a good exhaust? I can't seem to find anything SS, and the ones in your typical distributor catalogs (ebay, steiner, etc), all look like aluminum.

If no one makes a quality exhaust, what are my other optioins? High heat paint to resist rust and increase the life span?

thank you!

Bob G The two i have bought were steel but not stainless. never seen an aluminum one. I think they will outlast me. but then they are not show tractors either. high temp paint might help.
Jim Loveridge I put a new exhaust on my 2N last year. It has an aluminum look, but I don't think it is. By the way, did you get your engine knock solved?
mark sr Years ago I used to hear about an aluminum coating that was used on exhaust systems in the hot rod world. It supposedly made them last longer and look better but I've never totally understood the process.

I wonder if a local muffler shop would bend a stainless exhaust for you ??

Michael Lacey Jim, thanks for asking. I have not had the chance to take it in for a rebuild, so the knocking is still there. However, its far less evident now that i put the new air cleaner on. I try to use it sparingly, enough just to keep things fresh while i save my money to get the engine rebuilt.

and maybe i'm wrong, i'm sure they are some type of carbon steel, not aluminum. i had bad luck with truck exhausts rusting every 3-4 years on me that i thought i'd spend the extra money on something more durable if it existed. i'll check local. if you guys find anything going forward, please share!

as always,thank you!

mark sr I don't know how old the exhaust is on my NAA other than that it was on my tractor when I bought it in 1992. I've thought about replacing it but not because of rust. I have a hard time keeping it connected to the muffler and the tailpipe has a zillion dents in it .... but no rust holes! I'd look for one with thicker metal versus thinner but would think any decent replacement would last a long time.
Jim Loveridge Like Mark says, I don't know if the exhaust was ever replaced on my NAA, but I've never replaced it since I've owned it, I think it was around 1998 or so. But it isn't rusted through anywhere and the muffler is still quiet. With the NAA design, the muffler should never rust out.
Michael Lacey Perhaps my truck comparison steered me wrong. I did not think about the amount of salt it was exposed to each year that would have led to a quicker rust!

Any benefit to the verticle, or was it just preference?

Also, did any NAA's come stock with a verticle? I dont think i've ever seen that in the spec anywhere.

mark sr I'm sure the tailpipe on my NAA wouldn't take a beating like it has under the tractor if it was vertical but I wonder how much exhaust fumes would be in my face. Then again, a vertical exhaust pipe might take a beating when I go thru the woods. If you went vertical you'd need to have a 'flapper' to prevent water from getting in the exhaust.
BOB G I worry sometimes in tall grass when mowing. Once in awhile I let it get too tall and worry about starting a fire. the upright pipes, i think, don't put fumes in your face. never really noticed it anyway. Maybe if you were going about 50 mph! Do have to cover the pipe when you leave it outside. I cover my JD even when I park it inside. Just habit i recon.

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