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8n won't start when it is cold

Larry quiggins I have a 1954 Ford Jubilee 8n. It starts fine when it is above 40, but in the teens it wont start. Battery is charged. It turns over, is getting gas then it floods. It is 12 volt. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated please. Thank You
Bob G What weight oil are you using? maybe a bit too heavy? Using choke too much? How are the battery cable connections? both ends! When was the last time the air cleaner was serviced? maybe water in it that is freezing? Use thinner oil in air cleaner?
just some ideas for you to think about. Maybe others will have more/different ideas.

mark sr It's a jubilee not an 8N, right?

I'd also check the points just to make sure. Does it run good in warmer weather?

Jim Loveridge What Bob is getting at, is the harder it is for the starter to turn the engine over, the more current it will draw, not leaving enough for ignition. But I wouldn't think that would be such a problem with a 12 volt unless the battery connections are loose or dirty.
What Mark is saying is, 1952 was the last model year for the 8N. A Jubilee can only be a '53 and a '54 is a NAA. One other thing to check is to see if the choke is actually working.

ed check compression & valve adjustment,,,i have one that starts fine in warm weather...turns over slow in cold weather but it doesnt have much would think with low compression it would spin faster....doesnt work that way...LOL
Larry Quiggins I could not figure out how to get back to the forum until tonight. Thank you so much for all the replies. He will try everything that was said.

You are right. I posted this for my fiance. It is a Jubilee 1954.

He says he has 30 weight oil in since he owned it for 7 years. This is the coldest since 1992.

Some guy Changed clutch 2 years ago and the choke rod does not work the same as it did before. I had a feeling that was the problem. Can you tell me where to go to "see" how it is supposed to work properly?

What would the proper oil weight be for winter or in general?

Thank you so much for taking the time to try to help me.

mark sr Do you have the repair manual for that tractor? If I remember correctly it's the IT F019 [too cold to go out to the shop to double check] I suspect the choke either wasn't reinstalled correctly or the linkage got bent.

I think most run 10w30 or 10w40 in these tractors although I've always used 20w50 in mine. A lot depends on your climate. I don't use my tractor a lot when it gets below 40 degrees although when I do, I have more issues with the hydraulic fluid warming up than the motor oil.

Jim Loveridge The linkage to the choke goes straight from the choke knob to the first little lever on the carburetor just after the air tube hose clamp. Like Mark said, it could have gotten bent when the clutch was changed. You must live in a warm climate, I haven't seen 40 degrees in a couple of months now.

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