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Ford 9N Tire Pressures

Steve Bird This should be an easy one for you guys. How many psi in 9N front and rear tires? I can't find/read the numbers on the tires if they are present. Thanks, Steve
mark sr On my NAA, I run 12 -13 psi in the rear tires and 35 psi in the front, but I do have a loader installed so you'd probably want a few pounds less in the front.
Bob G I agree with Mark. about 30 on one with no loader. I find it interesting to note that neither the FO-4 service manual nor my 8n owners manual have any info about tire pressure.
Jim Loveridge The owners manual for the 9N / 2N states 26 psi in the front and 12 in the rear. Like Bob says I've never found in in the service manuals or in the NAA owners manual.
Steve Bird Yes, I could not find it either. My front tires say do not exceed 35 psi when seating bead, but that is it so I filled them to 35. Rear tires had about 5 psi when I put on some brand new chains and the chains were just hanging off of them. I filled them to 30 psi and the chains are now tight like they should be. I guess I should let a little air out?
mark sr @ 30 psi in the rear do you get any traction? I don't think my tractor would make it up the hill with that much air pressure and I have 30+ gallons of fluid in each rear tire. I'd let all but 12 psi or so out of your rear tires.
Ed i always deflate my tires then pump them back up when after chains are on...makes them easier to install,,,if it cant pull a hill with 30lbs & chains on..i would have to see what the heck is wrong with my tractor...should be easier with chains on going uphill
Steve Bird Ed,
I am with you. I've always struggled, cussed, pounded, and cussed again to get my chains on using every hammer and tool in the tool box. Putting them on with 5 psi in the tires and then inflating was a piece of cake. It was an accident, but I wish I'd thought of that 20 years ago! hehehehehe I haven't plowed yet, but tractor went up the hill no problem with the tires at 30psi.

Steve Bird Finally got to plow snow with the new tire chains and tire pressures and man what a difference. First time in 20 years I've been able to plow up my driveway and the tires didn't even spin. With the old chains I spun constantly and always got stuck at the pinnacle of my hill and had to use the brakes to get up. Now it just marches right up the hill!

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