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Ford 9n dis charge

Jeffb My ford 9n has been converted to 12v and when I bought it I had to jump it due to dead battery when it started the volt meter read discharge I removed the battery cable and it quit I bought a new alternator and put it on jumped it again it still read discharge but continues to run when I remove the battery cable so I ran it for a few hours to charge the battery shut it off and tried to start it and it didn't charge the battery any ideas?
Bob G don't be running with the battery cable disconnected or you will be buying a new alternator. If you think it is not charging remove it and take it to an auto parts store and have it checked for free!

voltmeter or ampmeter? Big difference!

Jeffb Amp meter sorry, it's almost pegged to discharge, it's a brand new battery also
Bob G Same answer, take the alt to a shop and have it checked out. IF it checks good it sounds like you have short someplace. Check for hot wire.
Bob V KS As Bob said Do Not disconnect battery cable when engine is running. Could hurt both you and the alternator.

What kind of alternator do you have? If it is the common and efficient Delco 3 wire with internal regulator it needs a kick start voltage at pin 1 on the edge plug to start charging. Check for voltage at the pin, if not there check for broken wire or bad diode or lamp in line to switch.

Jim Loveridge Do you know if this was a recent conversion? Could be why it was for sale. You might have to re-do it correctly. Some great info on conversions at
Jeffb It does have the new style (95)gm 3 wire and it is use ing a voltage regulator? On the frame by ignition,
Bob G I thought the voltage reg was part of the alternator. I would take it to an auto part store and have it checked out and then check on the wiring conversions and make sure it is wired right. The ones I just looked at did not have a voltage regulator, Not saying your does not need one, just saying the ones I looked did not! Make sure if you are having problems.
Jeffb I believe it does have the voltage regulator in the alternator, and I don't know the purpous of the external one is if its causing it to draw or what but its white plastic with one bolt through the top and a wire on the left from the alternator and one on the right
Jeffb I apologize for my lack of knowledge I am new to tractors all of you are being such a big help I thank you, hopefully we can figure it out.
Bob V KS Is the white thing approximately 3/8 x 3/8 x 2 1/2 inches and made of ceramic. It sounds like a ballast resistor and not a regulator. Where and/or to what terminals do the wires from this white device connect?
Bob G Pictures sure would help. Also do you have an FO-4 service manual?
Jeff It is a ballast resistor today when I went to start it it wouldn't fire roils over slow even after warming up oil pan as long as I can get it started it will stay running but runs the battery dead, I will get pictures today

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