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8n radiator capacity

stevem Drained the radiator and flushed, then refilled with coolant. I understood capacity to be 3 gal. I put 2 gal antifreeze in, and it filled the radiator. Started the tractor and expected to be able to add another gal after it started to circulate. Ran for 15 - 20 minutes and never got the fluid to move. Engine block is warm to the touch, as is the fluid. This also occurred when I was flushing it. T-stat? Wouldn't the engine get hot, without coolant circulating?
Bob G Did you drain and flush the block? You may have not gotten all of the old coolant out. If the thermostat is opening you should have circulation of the coolant.
stevem I did not drain and flush the block, mistakenly assuming it would drain with the radiator. Where is the drain for the block? Or is there one?
How long would I expect to run the engine before it's hot enough to open the t-stat. I fairly certain the coolant never circulated, either when I flushed it or added new coolant.

Bob V KS On my 54 8N the block drain is on left side of the block between the starter, dip stick, and oil filter.
stevem Thanks, any idea on the t-stat question?
Bob G Bob V no such thing as a 54 8n, but you have the drain location spot on!!

first make sure here is thermostat installed in the top hose. You should feel a temp difference on either side of thermostat until it opens. Not sure how long it takes to open but if it working, it will open sooner ore later. Will have to check mine and see how longe it takes. It is up to 21 now from a low of 12 overnight.

stevem Got it and it had fresh antifreeze in it. Still not sure how it got there, except now that you mention it, wondering if there is a t-stat in line anyway.
If no t-stat, would the block drain through the radiator? the original coolant that came out when I first drained it was red with oil film on it. Colder today, so i'm not ambitious enough to check.
thanks for the help.

Bob V KS Bob, I knew as soon as I went back to the site someone would let me know!! It is a 51 8N...clumsy fingers and saw as I sent it but was too late. Tried to add a correction but something happened and it would not send. Thanks for noticing.

On my thermostat I drilled a 1/8" hole at the outer edge outsideof the working mechanism. Since the thermostat is in the hose up away from the engine outlet this allows a small trickle of water to rise and bring engine heat up to open the thermostat.

Bob G Sorry, I just could not help myself! Between my fingers and typing skills I get a lot of errors. Even when I really try to proof read, things slip by.

Like the idea about the hole! could make it open sooner. be interesting to run some tests!

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