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2n not starting

tom I had a dead battery so i tryed to jump it only i hooked the cables up wrong now it does not start what do you think i done to it
ED did you see anything smoking?? long did you leave them on backwards??...could have burnt the points up,,fried the coil or resistor,,,check the points first,,,,,when hooked up correctly does it turn over??,,,switch could of burnt up also,,,just few ideas of what to check...
tom It turns over just fine new battery but doesnot fire
mark sr Do you have spark at the points?
Jim Loveridge First, is your 2N still a 6 volt? and did you jump it with another 6 volt? Just reversing the polarity shouldn't have damaged anything.
tom When i turn it over the resister gets hot
tom 12 volt
Jim Loveridge I would do like Ed said, and check the points contacts. If they look okay, try cleaning them.
Bob G I would be concerned if the resistor did not get hot. Like others have said, check for spark at the plugs and if none, check or replace the points. The resistor gets hot when there is current flow thru it. to get current flow thru the resistor, you also have to have current flow thru coil. The coil could be shorted out, but points are way cheaper and easier to check than the coil.
tom I changed the remote coil still wont start
Bob G Sorry, but I don't have clue what you mean by remote coil.
Do you have spark a the plugs?

tom Yes i have nice blue spark at plugs
tom The coil is round. Black. With a cone. Chaped. End
Bob G OK now that you know you are getting spark to the plugs you can check out the fuel.
Remove the plug in the bottom of the carb and with shutoff valve open 2 full turns, measure the fuel flow. You should be able to fill a pint jar in 2 to 3 minutes.

Remember it takes three thing for an engine to run. COmpression, fuel and spark tot he plugs at the right time.

tom The problem was fuel thanks for all the advice. From everyone tractor is running again will be out hauling fire wood in the morning
Bob G Thanks for leting us know you got her running!!

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