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NAA Hyd pump Loses Prime

Money Pit 54 naa piston type pump. pump loses prime after a few days. no visible leaks or drips on floor. aslo dont know if its re;ated but lift drops in several minutes with a balde attached when the engine is stopped. put a new relief valve in a few months back - this has been a long slow project - so thinking that is not the problem. no visible flow coming from the cylinder as the lift drops. as always any help appreciated. thanks.
mark sr Did you bleed the system good? When I bled mine, I took an old transmission line and hooked it to the pump and dumped the fluid back into the sump until I was convinced I didn't see any air bubbles.
Money Pit thought i had it bled well enough. starts out with a intermittent pulsing stream and ends with a steady pulsing stream no air bubbles. put the plug back in and teh lift works it lifts staedily. i know there was times i didnt bleed well enough and the lift came up jerky. am i doing something wrong with the bleed? thanks.
mark sr I don't know a lot about these old tractors, just what I've had to do to my 53 NAA over the last 20+ yrs. Jim also has a 54 and should be along later - hopefully he can be of more help.
Money Pit thanks mark. am i understandinmg you right that you do need to prime these things quite frequently? might i ask if yours has a vane or piston pump? doesnt seem right to have to prime that often though. if it sat for seveal months maybe but a few days seems to be too frequent. maybe my expectations are too high for this unit? thanks.
mark sr I've only had to work on my hydraulic system once and it was mostly just the select-trol valve. I changed the oil and bled the system at that time. I've never had to bleed it at any other time. My tractor was switched over to a piston pump some time prior to me buying it in 1992.

A few yrs ago my tractor sat unused for several months until I could replace a bad piston but when I put it all back together the hydraulics worked fine. I have a little trouble when the oil is real cold [below freezing] but the lift works fine once the oil warms up. It shouldn't need to be bled but once.

Bob G I do not know the system at all, but I would be looking for leak when it is running. leaking when running could mean loosing the prime when not running.
Jim Loveridge Couldn't check this site at all yesterday. My computer went south and I had to buy a new one. I know very little about the hydraulic system on these tractors. Mine still has the vane type pump and works reasonably well. But I agree with Bob. If it's loosing prime, then air is getting into it from somewhere. If it isn't leaking onto the ground, then it has to be leaking inside the sump, I would think.

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