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Starter on 9N won't Work

Steve Bird I'm sure there is a string on this somewhere. Battery appears to be fine but when I push starter button nothing happens. I put jumper cables on battery and nothing happens. I jumped the starter itself and it works fine. What should I check first....second....third, etc. Thanks, Steve
Jim Loveridge First, remove and clean the battery cables at the battery. Second, do the same at the other end of the battery cables. Third, try jumping across the switch connections under the battery. It could be that the internal contacts of that switch are no longer making contact. There is a rod that goes from the button to that switch and it is adjustable. If none of the above works come back.
Bob G 9n should have a mechanical switch with push button linkage to the stitch. The switch can go bad and the linkage to push it wears. I would also check the battery cable connections. All ends of all cables. They need to be clean and bright to make a good connection
Steve Bird I know battery connections are good and yes it has the mechanical switch. I'll check other connections and let you know. Thanks, Steve
Steve Bird It took me awhile to actually work on this issue but I wanted to provide an update. I did disconnect and wire brush all the battery connections and the location where the battery cables attached to. After I did that the starter still would not engage on its own. While messing around checking wires I found a loose wire that connects to the block on the inside of the steering column. I fixed that, not expecting that it would do anything and all of a sudden the tractor started up. The wire that was loose went to the starter solenoid I think it is. The silver cylinder located on the inside bottom of the steering column fairly close to the starter. Thanks for all your help once again to get me started looking in the right direction! Steve
Steve Bird Jim,

I was just rereading your last post. You mentioned that the rod that goes from the button to the switch is adjustable. How does it adjust? Does the adjustment make it longer or shorter? Just wondering for the future. Thanks, Steve

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