Honda 4518 lawn tractor

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Honda 4518 lawn tractor

Richard Pilczuk Bought this tractor new and when in gear (hydrostatic) it surges back and forth like turning the key on and off every second.....maddening....any fix? Has done this since new and my dealer went out of business....about 8 years old now and I hate it.
Brian Holm Mine did something like this this when I bought it used. It would surge every few seconds. It needed a bushing kit in the hondamatic. Wasn't too expensive or hard to do. Somehow I managed to lose all the fluid. That was expensive. Better [power Equipment in Waterbury VT diagnosed it for me by phone and got me the parts, directions, and fluid.
In my case there was clear wear in that bushing--hard to see that happening on a new tractor.

Steve Borrowed my dad's. It has the same surging you mentioned. Annoying isn't the word for it. A hydrostatic bushing? Also, his is always breaking the mower blade belt.
DLey Mine did this as well, I was able to get the TSB from Honda repair shop.

Fairly simple fix but can be time consuming. The TSB mentioned that the bushing that holds the swashplate inside the tranny, prematurely wears. The TSB provides new bushing.

I replaced mine and it is now smooth.
I have been looking for other 4518 owners, glad to have found this site.

E-mail if you want TSB number, I think I can find it.

george I have had this tractor for about 12 years and it goes through a set of blades a year. Belts even more! Now it overheats after a few minutes of cutting tall grass. It's tall because the tractor don't seem to run enough to keep up. It had eletrical problems for the longest time. I finally replaced everything there is to replace electrically.

alan norris blade belts are 50.00 through honda . A cheap alternative is carquest parts stores green belt and is a deal at 22.00 part# 6972 good luck!
HENRY this sounds like the answer to my prayer.
swashplate you say. Please send tsb number


Byron My 4518 does the same surging. I asked my dealer about it and he said I'd need a new transmision and to live with it!

I will see about the bushing kit. Now I have another problem. I am not getting any spark at the plugs. Seems to come and go a bit and it is here at this point. Trying to figure out what part to try first. Already put new plugs in. The manual shows seveal parts in line including: ignition coil, Eng Contl unit, reg rect, pulser coil, and charge coil. I am sure there are even more if I'd go down the schematic even farther.

The mower turns over and has fuel, but if I pull a plug and ground it to the frame while hooked to the spark plug wire, I get no spark on the gap.

Any ideas?

If anyone has the part number that I can get the bushing kit also, that would be awesome.


thomas Same problem tonight with my Honda 4518.....went to start the run....
something simple?

Eric I am looking to buy a used 4518. The individual say,s the only number he can find on the tractor is RZAV 9003688A. A web site I found listing frame numbers start with MZAT-#######. Does his number look familar? I would like to get an idea what this unit is worth. He doesn't know the year.
Does anybody have some info? Thanks!

Eric Previous message on chassis number and value questions. I entered wrong email address. Correct one is
Doug - sold the 4518
- The MZAT number looked familiar or HSAxxxxx.

-Check out Plano Power Equipments website, they had a good listing for frame numbers.

I sold mine, 1992, bagger, 38 inch deck no mechanical problems for 1000.00

good luck

Tom The problems described for the Honda 4514 and 4518 are ones that I've had. The surging is usually corrected by replacing the worn yoke collar bushing, part number 91556-VD6-003. Honda Lawn Tractor service bulletin #15 from March 1992 "H4514/H4518 transmission surging" describes the repair and list .9 hrs flat rate time.

The problem with the short belt life is listed in Lawn Tractor bulletins #13 and #21. Replace the pulley with #75560-758-000 and the tensioner arm with part number 75520-758-800. I replace the two part and the deck drive belt last much longer.

No spark on mine was due to a bad CDI (expensive). Honda had problems with contacts inside the CDI units. It would have good electrical contact when the CDI unit was warm, but not when cold.

Overheating could be dirt in the radiator cooling fins. I couldn't see the dirt in the radiator of my 4518, but it kept overheating, themostat and water pump were okay. I sprayed water through the radiator cooling fins from and garden hose and a lot of dirt came out. No more overheating!

I have copies of the service bulletins if anyone wants one.

E. Cason Regarding the no spark problem, I have no spark when the unit is cold. I found that there is a small green electrical "box" on the left side of the steering column with a yellow and orange wires. Don't know what this is, maybe the CDI? But, if I push this thing toward the front of the tractor and hold pressure on it, the tractor starts perfectly. After it is warmed up, no problems
Tom Yes, the electrical box you are describing is the CDI unit. The CDI has five, yellow/blue, black, black/pink, and blue. There were some problems with these CDI units; the symptoms are no spark when cold or no spark at all. Replacing it will fix the problem. They are expensive, usually $180-$200. Your probably thinking like me I can hold pressure on that old CDI for a long time for $200!"
Glenn I have a 4518 that I was about to sent to the shop for the same surging transmission problem. Can you send me the TSB number please.
I am also looking a snowblower for this unit.
Thank You

E. Cason This past weekend I used nylon ties to bind the green plug to the cdi unit, thus holding the two together with constant pressure. So far so good. If it continues to give me a problem, then I'll spring for a new CDI. This 4518 is my second Honda tractor. I bought it used about a week ago. I had a 4213 a few years ago as my family had a Honda dealership and I got it wholesale. I got rid of it because it was just too small to mow my 3 acre place. Replaced it a John Deere 955 with a 72 inch deck which is a lot faster. The 4518 reminded me of what I didn't like about the 4213; it traveled too slowly in the mowing range, although the 4518 is a hydrostat and you can mow in the travel speed range. The 4213 was a 5 speed and speed 5 was just way too fast and speed 4 was just way too slow. Also these machines are difficult to work on. Nothing is easy to get at, and you are going to lose the skin off of your knuckles. Best thing about the Honda is that twin, water cooled engine. Nothing, and I mean nothing on the market even comes close. It is truly a marvel.
Raymond Payne My engage brake for running the mower deck is striped out. I need to be able to get a parts manual so I can find this part

Dave HI, did you get your tractor fixed. Mine 4518 is older and it surges. It overheates too. I am starting to think I don't like it.
Tom Please see my earlier posts below which discuss the transmission surging problem/cold start problem and Honda's service bulletins. E-mail me if you want a copy of the bulletin. (Casey, I tried to send the service bulletin to your e-mail address, the message was returned. You can e-mail me at Thanks, Tom)
James Worley I am trying to find a coil for a Honda OHC 18hp Motor that was removed from a Honda Rideing Mower Model MZAT 1000604

Honda H4514HSA Lawn Tractor

The coil says:


Can anyone here help me?


Tom James, if the serial number starts with MZAT, it would be a H4518 instead of H4514. The ignition coil is rarely the problem in a no-spark situation on a H4518. It is almost always the CDI unit.
The part number for the three ignition components are: 30500-ZG8-003 ignition coil (on top of the engine), 30400-ZG8-003 pulser coil (by the flywheel), and 30580-758-801 CDI ignition control unit (left side of steering column). A service manual for the H4518 can be ordered from Helm Inc at 888-292-5395. (Honda now has Helm Inc printing the paper manuals).

Yves I've had my 4518 for 8 years now and it's the first summer it's given me trouble, 3 times now it wouldn't start,I cleaned all the connexions and it would start, this last time it was to no avail, didn't have any spark at the plugs so I checked the engine control box and a bunch of other gizmos till I found the CDI unit didn't respond. I just ordered an new one for $179CND.

I figure it's cheap, I've been doing all the work myself so it's not so bad.

BTW, 4 or 5 times during the summer I use my compressor to clean all the dust and clippings out of the rad and everywhere else, it can get real messy in there. The screen in front of the rad can get clogged up with clippings blocking the air flow to cool the rad....then the alarm goes I stop mowing and take a run down the road to cool things off a bit and then I stop, turn the throttle down, lift the hood and brush off the clippings that block the screen in front of the rad.. That is the culprit :-)

There's my 2 cents!

Happy mowing, Yves

Tom Tom-Impressed with your knowledge and all the help you provide with your expertise re: 4518. I have a small dilemma. Just purchased a house and in the shed is a 5 year old 4518. Nice condition and appears well maintained. Ex-owner gone and no one to talk with about this particular Honda and it's pros and cons. I currently own a 6 year old Craftsman 18hp,hydrostatic, which does nothing but start and cut grass perfectly for as long as I have owned it. I have to sell one. This web page scares me a little, surging, cdi, etc.Owners sound edgy. Is it worth keeping? I'm handy, but not a mechanic, if you get my drift.If you have the time I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Rob in Rochester,NY
Dave Hi Tom:
Well, that is what these forums are for, right.
Here is my run down on the Honda.
1/ I expected better from Honda.
2/ Wonderful engine, except overheating trouble.
3/ Below average mowing deck.
4/ I got mine quite used, so my experience may be tainted.
5/ If I was going to buy new, I would buy a John Deere. Their mowing decks appear to be very well designed.
6/ The honda has a well designed frameand chassis. The drive train is ok too, except for the surging.
7/ If someone offered me around $1200 for this one, I would probably run out and get the Deere.

I hope this helps in you decision. It would be nice to get some replies from Honda themselves.

Have a super day.

Robert McCrorie I am having trouble with serging when the tractor is cold have had to a mechanic a couple of times but he has'nt figured out what problem is. please send me any info to help correct the problem. do you feel a person can repair themselve with a service manual. Any help will really be appreciated what parts would be needed can a individal get these parts from honda?
Mitchell Barse I was replacing the mower deck belt with premium Industrial belts from NAPA, but they wouldn't last. Went back to the OEM Geniune Honda belts paying premium Honda price, but the belt last lots longer. I also had to replace my CDI in 2005 after 14 years of running. (180.00)
Dan Manis For the belt wear problem on the 4518, I called the factory rep in Califorina. There was a recall on the guide pulley on the lower front of the tractor. They sent me a replacement, I put it on myself, and no more problems for ten years. A great machine, under some heavy use.The original pulley and guide was straight, and the new one is at a slight angle, thus eliminating the side wear and chewing up of the belts.
Dan Manis By the way, the tensioner arm to be replaced is p/n75520-758-900ah. Call American Honda, Alpharetta,Ga. at 404-442-2000.
Frank Tokic I have a 4518 that is surging. Do you still have the service bulletin?

The problems described for the Honda 4514 and 4518 are ones that I've had. The surging is usually corrected by replacing the worn yoke collar bushing, part number 91556-VD6-003. Honda Lawn Tractor service bulletin #15 from March 1992 "H4514/H4518 transmission surging" describes the repair and list .9 hrs flat rate time.

DAVID I have a 13 year old H4514 with 600 hours that I can't get the blades to engage on. It acted like the clutch was starting to slip last time I mowed and I smelled it. The blades were real slow to come up to speed. Today, nothing. A clutch assembly drawing shows a PTO clutch ring but I don't see it. Help?
Lloyd T Lamb I had the no spark problem on my H4518. Thanks to this message board, I ordered a CDI 30580-758-801 from Upon replacing the unit, the tractor started right up. I have been very satisfied with mine.
Dennis Very interesting how these forums can be so helpful. This is the first time I needed to do research for my h4518 I have 3-4hrs. into trying to find out what the problem is and from what I have been reading on this forum it sounds like the CDI I will confirm in the am. I will also share the results.
brian belts for this thing, oem is to much, deck to mower,mower, mower to grass chute.
Bob McCrorie I paid $60.00 for each of these belts from a local dealer is their a better place to buy? from factory or distributor
andy yerks do you know where i could purchase a cdi box for my honda 4518 lawn tractor?
Mike Ruscelli I have a RZAV-1003837A part number on my deck, how do I verify the deck size?
3 Hi, nice site!

Lou Have a major oil leak under front of engine....
can't tell exactly where because axle beam is in the way....leak is above it.
1) assuming leak is crankshaft difficult to replace ??
2) PTO clutch must come off too....looks like big-time it ??
3) best i can tell, water pump is internal...looks like it has to come off, too (??)
(TIA) Lou

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Adrian Fytche I have just aquired a 4518 which has been treated very roughly and needs alot of work. The main problem is it seems to need a front (pto) clutch assembly and new belts as well as a few nuts and bolts to fix the 46" cutting deck back to the tractor. I have tried to find the service manual online but they appear to be at least 20 +. Has anyone here got one they could email me ? Or at least give me some guidance on how big the job is and how expensive it would be to put right ? Thanks Guys and Girls

mike My mower pushes the water out and into the catch bottle I replaced the head gasket and it held for about 4 cuttings and no it is doing it again. all ready hasnew tstat and water pump and cap. what should i do to it now?
Dave I have a 4518 -went to start no spark. Do I assume it's CDI or can it be the coil? How do I figure out which one?
Brian Is there an alternative for the Honda HST fluid that is reasonably priced?
Angelo I'm having the same problem as David mentions about the the blades not engaging. Sounds like the clutch too. I've just started using the mower that came with the house. The last time I used it it would take time to for the blades to engage. Today the belt went and when I changed it the blades no longer engage. I tried loosening the tension and now it sometimes kicks in. Any idea how much work is involved?
Cynthia We bought a used 4518 mower a month ago.
Deck belt broke last week. Belt measured 98"
bought a belt that size got back home belt about
a foot to big. We don't have a manual so it's hard to tell what's going on. My husband and I are both disabled so it's hard to do alot of things to the mower but yet you don;t have the money to spend else wher if you know what I mean.
Can you help me out.

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Tommy Rinaldi I was having the same problem of no spark.I Replaced the coil and was fine for another season. Now I have the same problem.I am now going to replace the cdi.I am very glad I found this message board. Thanks A Lot!
Ken I purchased a used 4514 last fall. thought I was getting a good deal seller mentioned the surging problem, but it did not seem to be significant at the time.this spring it was apparent that the problem was severe. I had it serviced at my local lawn care joint. and they replaced the collar on the tranny, but it did not resolve the surging. they told me the hondda tech told them that the collar replacement fixes the problem 99 out of 100 times. I must have #100. they say they have to open it up, but don't know what to expect. 6 to 7 hours labor. I can get a new tranny for 850 or so. how much is this thing worth sticking into. i'm in 600 already. it runs great. can I fix this myself?
John Brian: The local shop here put John Deere HST fluid in my 4518 and it seems to be working fine.
Derek Forman Anybody know of any online sites to order parts? I have no dealer close and need a combination relay unit.
Brian Leith Does anyone have a picture of where the timing marks line up on a 4518 my water pump locked up and stripped the timing belt
Dave Have a Honda 4518
Looking for a 38 inch deck to replace on that is worn out by abrasion from sandy soils. Advise on availability, shipping options to 55303 & condition of the deck you have.

If you are having problems starting when cold and is OK once warm, it possibly is one of the plug in units on the back left corner under the hood. A new one is about $150 from Plano Equipment in Texas. It solved my cold starting problems.

Broken Belt problems? I had my problem solved with a warranty repair several years ago. There was a service bulletin out that covered this problem. I've had no belt problems since.

john v 4518 looking for a copy of bulletin #15 describing the transmission problem of surging

thank you

Pierre I am looking for a spec's manual on the Honda 4514. It is makes a noise in the carb & there is no power at all. It is also pushing fuel into the carb. I am looking for the specs and the timing on this unit-how to time the engine. Can anyone help???
bob h This is a question in response to the Allen Norris Post on blade belts.
I would appreciate a reponse from anyone.

I have a 4518 with a 46 inch deck and am willing to try this option Part # 6972 to replace the genuine honda belt 76182-758-J02. The only thing I am uncertain of is the
what deck size is p/n 6972 for ? It seems like the deck size would have to be a consideration.

Do you also have a replacement number for the main pto

henry Have a 4518, it overheats after a halh hour of mowing. does anyone have a fix.
Ron Nie I have a 4518 and have had good luck with it but in need of a new radiator and cap.Anyone know the part number.
Ron Nie
Can some one tell what the head bolts get tourqe down too? Have to replace head gasket.Tks

Bill Have owned a 4518 for 12 years and had no trouble other than replacing belts and blades. Not bad. But now the PTO clutch wil not disengage the blades. Plano Power Equipment has parts available, but which one do you replace? Have removed the clutch, and everything looks worn but not "broken". Has anyone had any experience with this type of problem?
Ralph Head bolt torque is 55N.m (5.5kg.m, 39.8 ft-lb) with oil on threads and the top of the washer.
RALPH -------and be absolutely, positively certain you have installed the oil path orifice and o-ring before the head goes on.
Alexbgt If you want do delete your site from our spam bases - just email us with domain of your site:

thank you!

mike Any ideas for a non-starting Honda 4518? Shut down while idling, fuse was blown, changed all fuses, started, then died again. Changed CDI, nothing. No sound when key is turned. Suggestions?
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Brian Bill: I had the problem with the clutch not disengaging and found that the bearing was going bad. With the clutch removed try rotating the bearing by hand if it feels bumpy the bearing is bad and needs replacing. You could by a new clutch or you could replace the bearing by drilling out the rivets. If you drill out the rivets take care to center punch the rivet in the center to keep from damaging the holes. A replacement bearing is under $20 from a bearing supply house and replace the rivets with socket head cap screws using self locking nuts with Lock Tight on them. I made this repair 3 years ago and the clutch is working great.

Joe I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the yoke collar bushing is and if it is difficult to replace on my own. I have not been able to locate a parts diagram.
Bill Thanks Brian. I will take it apart again and give that a try. I appreciate the info. Luchy for me that it is not mowing season!


Bruce hey,
Found the site at while looking for a parts diagram to f=
ix my brothers Honda 4518 riding mower. It's got the same problem your's=
seems to have. So i got my brother to pick up the part the guys said to=
get in the forum, (the yoke collar bushing or control bowl collar). I g=
ot the part, (took me a while to find out where it went without a parts =
diagram to go by) and took the old one out to replace. I had an inspirat=
ion! You said they told you it would fix the problem 99 out of 100 times=
and yours seemed to fall into that 1% of unlucky ones that it wouldn't =
fix. So i wondered if this one would be that way too. To make a long sto=
ry short, because you said it wouldn't work all the time, i got my dial-=
caliper out, (the kind you can pick up at about $15) and compared the tw=
o. Lo and behold, their wasn't but about .001 of an inch difference betw=
een the two!! Not enough to cause the problem. That was when i checked t=
he piece that fits "into" the bushing. Wow! I don't know what it's calle=
d because i don't have a repair manual but it was worn slap out. There i=
s about 15 thousandths of an inch of gap in there! Way to much to functi=
on correctly. I'm sending the bushing back and getting the piece that in=
stalls into it and going from there. Also there are some pins and another pi=
ece that fits into the bushing from the other side. Looks like it could =
be a lot of trouble to get to. I'm going to get an outside caliper to ch=
eck them and see if they need replacing too. Let you know if it helps if=
you want me to if you haven't already gotten yours fixed.

Bruce at

dennis Does anyone have a copy of the service bulletion #15 from march 1992 0n the h4518 transmission surging. I called to order the part munber 91556-VD6-003 at Plano Power equipment and they said it wasn't a good number
ranjit hello,
I have a opportunity to purchase a 4514 mower, the owner says that his mower's timing belt is broken. The question i have is how much should i be paying for this mower and the second Q is what should i expect to spend on parts. and finally how tough is it to work on it? any manuals available or literature on replacing the timing belt?
Many thanks for your time.

Byron Cutshaw Can anyone tell me the belt Length for the two belts, especially the mower arbor belt? I have a 46in deck.
Thank you,


outerbanker1 the belt for 46in is 100 inches
Kurt 91556-VD6-003 is now 91556-VD6-801.
I just replaced this part in my 4514 transmission and it cured the surging problem.
Thanks guys.

By the way, if engaging the blades kills the engine, adjust the free play in the PTO lever to 1-3mm.

Mike I have a 4518 that has a bad starter. It is beyond rebuilding. I can not read the part number on it because it has rubbed off. Can anyone help me with this? and is there a compatible one made that would be cheaper?
Rob's 4518 Are there different blades that can be used for the 38" deck if you are not using the bagger system.. I have the bagger off and put on the deflecter but the blades have so much lift and push that I just picked up a rock and cracked the window in my car. Any suggestion will help
sam lush
I own a 4518 with a 46" cut. What is the length and type of blade belt? I can't find it and the old one got chewed up. Thanks!

Bill Looking for crossover number or advice on the airfilter and foam prefilter for 4518

Hutch Working on my sisters 4514 hydro. Will not idle nor run smooth (governor is hunting) unless wide open and blades engaged. Any suggestions out there, local dealer is not trying to build a customer base by helping, just says to bring it in. I explained to him that she recently lost her husband and can't afford it but didn't seem to matter.
DAVE MOTL How do you change timing belt cover on 4518

bluemax450slc The oil filter for my 4518 costs $12.34 at the dealer. Auto Zone has an STP filter that fits for $3.29. Am I endenagering the 4518 engine if I install the 'aftermaket' filter that's meant for a Honda car?


Tiffani Can anyone tell me (so I can pass it on to my husband) how to remove and repalce the bearings in our Honda 4514?


richard sizer My 4518 started to act up when I went to restart after it was hot. The machine would grind away for several minutes trying to start,eventually it would start. when it did it puffed black smoke for a few seconds then it turned blue. Then ran rough when i turned sharp and fast and then would run smooth until a sharp turn would cause it to cough and miss again. I put new plugs in same old crap. When it is cold,it would start right up.when it is hot ,it just grinds away and like i said,it puffs black then blue smoke. It doesnt use oil and the oil is always clean. Sometimes the engine surges in neutral, I can see the carb linkage going back and forth, when I engage the blades it seem to smoothen rite out.Is there a place I can down load a repair manual, or part of the manual so I dont have to take it to my 100 dollar an hour repair shyster?..Thanks in advance...Dick S
richard sizer My 4518 started to act up when I went to restart after it was hot. The machine would grind away for several minutes trying to start,eventually it would start. when it did it puffed black smoke for a few seconds then it turned blue. Then ran rough when i turned sharp and fast and then would run smooth until a sharp turn would cause it to cough and miss again. I put new plugs in same old crap. When it is cold,it would start right up.when it is hot ,it just grinds away and like i said,it puffs black then blue smoke. It doesnt use oil and the oil is always clean. Sometimes the engine surges in neutral, I can see the carb linkage going back and forth, when I engage the blades it seem to smoothen rite out.Is there a place I can down load a repair manual, or part of the manual so I dont have to take it to my 100 dollar an hour repair shyster?..Thanks in advance...Dick S
Jon Fovargue Does anyone know where I can get a new and nearly new 38" deck for the a Honda 4514?
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

Anyone have copy of manual(s) for Honda 4514 available or know where they can be found?

Also, does anyone know the OEM part number for the PTO/Blade engagement cable on Honda 4514?


charles juedemann My 4514 starter will not kick in. I have not removed it yet. Is the starter engaged by a solenoid or is it a bendix type of engagement? What do you think is the problem? The starter or the solenoid? What should I do, buy new or is the starter rebuildable?
jr where ca i find a clutch for the mower deck drive belt.
charles juedemann Well, it looks like no one knows where to get a repair manual for this mower. One thing I can tell you is that it looks like you have to remove the engine to change the starter motor. I am not sure but that is what it looks like. This mower is a bear to work on. Anyone know how to change the starter motor? Thanks, Charles
Thomas Schwerm I have the same problem. Sounds like you performed the work yourself. Was it a major task? Who was your supplier for the part? Where did you find Honda hydrostatic fluid?

Thomas Schwerm The part number for the PTO/Blade engagement cable on Honda 4514 is 75187-758-020 or 75187-758-010 depending on the serial number of your tractor. see:

Eric Mol I'm looking for a complete Honda 4518 in good working condition!
Is there anybody that knows of one being for sale somewhere?

Thanks, Eric

Joel Does anyone know where I can get a grass catcher kit for this mower?


Brian I need a hood for a 4514 or 4518. I am willing to purchase an entire tractor for parts if the hood is in good shape.


Herb Try for Honda 4514 & 4518 lawn tractor parts.

Left hand column - OEM Repair Parts - Honda Parts - Honda Lawn Tractor Parts

devlon cowart
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

I know you said you want a running 4518. This one quit on me last year, won't turn over. I didn't feel like messing with it so I bought a new mower. Let me know if you are interested. I'd like $750. I just put 4 new tires, all new belts and blades on it last year, used it onece then it quit. 814-280-3155

joe first time on site.hi.i have a honda 4518 and i have had most of the problems i have read here.the surging was fixed by me installing the new bushing.i am no mecanick and i did not think it was too bad to install.totally fixed surging!i have been munchig drive belts also i have the tensioner arm on order which should take care of belt problem,i will post.every time my temp alarm has went off it has just needed rad and screen cleened,sensitive.Tom nailed my honda!
Matt Brian & Bill: I too am experiencing the problem with the PTO clutch not disengaging properly or fully, but I am having a difficulty understanding why a worn bearing would cause this problem. However, I am definitely willing to try replacing the bearing alone, as Brian described.
Brian, can you tell be where you got the replacement bearing? Many thanks!

BTW: a few years ago, I had the exact opposite problem with the PTO clutch, - i.e., it would not engage fully. As soon as I began dissasembling the unit, I found the root cause of the problem, - the bolt which attaches the PTO unit (&fan) to the crankshaft had loosened almost completely! The loose assembly did not allow sufficient pressure for the conical clutch plate to engage sufficiently with drive pully. Upon complete disassembly of the PTO unit, I could see some component wear, but nothing extraordinary. The only thing that bothered me was the 'rough-feeling' bearing rotation. At that time, I replaced the whole clutch drive/pully/bearing assembly, - very pricey (~$250), but it has worked perfectly until now, with this 'disengagement' issue.

Rick I just replaced the CD box and my stalling problem continues. Tractor starts fine, cuts well, then engine stalls after 10 minutes. Engine restarts fine with throttle in start (full choke) position. Once running again, will stall sooner and restart each time. Would seem to be temperature related as it stalls quicker each time and faster with PTO engaged, but acts like fuel starvation since it needs to be choked to restart. Acts like there is a circuit breaker cutting out and then resetting as no temp switch would recover so quickly. Any ideas ???
Rick A follow up note, the fuel starvation mentioned in other post due to a clogged gas cap creating a vacuum is not thje problem here. Once it stalled I removed the gas cap and restarted the engine. In a short time it stalled again, sooner than the last time. Also, if left to idle at low speed it will run without stalling. Parked running at full throttle, will stall in time. With the PTO engaged the engine stalls after 800 feet, restarts then stalls after 400 more feet, restarts and stalls after 200 feet. Had to run with the PTO off and restart several times just to make it back to the house.
Charles Juedemann My problem with the starter was solved with WD40. You have to pull the engine to change or work on the starter. I examined the area and choose a place in the flywheel shroud that was as near to the starter shaft as I could get. I drilled a 1/8" hole in the shroud and squirted WD40 inside, then plugged the hole with a sheet metal screw. Not only did that fix the starter problem, it has not failied for over a year.
Bruce To all it may concern.You can purchase factory service manuals at 1-800-782-4356 44.95ea. The part number for the PTO cable is 75187-758-020. Good luck with your projects.
JD I have a problem with the engine surging in neutral or running, if you remove the breather tube from carb you can see gas spitting out of it, and it just wont throttle up, sometimes you can engage the blade but it will not get much past idle? any help would be appreciated, e-mail at
TIM T I have a h4514 and haveing pto problems. i am looking for a used pto assembly. This unit has not been in use for a while I would hate to spend alot when possible it has more issues. So If anyone has a used pto assembly or a new one please contact me at 912 313 0483 thanks tim
richard I have Good used engine for a 4518 Honda I would take $300. , Our I would buy your mower can you tell me the size of your mower Deck ? thanks Richard
richard I have Good used engine for a 4518 Honda I would take $300. , Or I would buy your mower can you tell me the size of your mower Deck ? thanks Richard
John D. Smith I have a 4518H that has an oil leak. Other wise in good shape. The hood grill has a few minor dents. Make me an offer. I am in Stillwater, Minnesota.
John D. Smith I have an upper oil leak problem at the rear of the engine near the battery. I can see the oil run down onto the front of the deck. did you repair your leak? cost?
John D. Smith I have a 4518H with a 46" deck. It has an oil leak, but engine runs good. Otherwise in descent shape. $600 or make an offer.
Glen Dawkins Does anyone know of a place besides the dealer that sells the rear tires 20.5x8.50x10 for the 4518 also how much trouble is it to replace deck spindle bearings? Thanks, GD
harry i have a 4514 for sale.mower is in good shape .need a seat.runs good ,but over asking $500 obo im in south central shipping must pick up .will consider parting out.has a vary good mower deck 42inch,rear works fine its all good except seat .contact me for pic an more
Re:  Honda 4518 lawn tractor  for sale

im trying to get pictures on here.

Philip Utley I see a listing for a 1994 5518A with 42" snow blower, 46" front blade and 60" rear blade for $6000. Is that a good price?
Dave I have a 4518 in good shape but needs a PTO. $750
I live in Maryland.

CJ I'm looking for a CDI box for a 4518.Anybody have one?

brian looking for pto cable for my mower do not have part # can any one help
Daryl I am having a probelm with my 4514 where when running the engine runs smooth for about 20 to 30 seconds then will misfire blow a puff of black smoke then smooth its self back about for 20 to 30 more seconds the plugs were fouled out with a black sooty substance...... aggrevatting......... any ideas????
jay reynolds I am having a intermitent spark problem with a Honda 4514. Most of the time no spark but occasionally it will start right up. Can anyone tell me if a 4514 has a CDI like the 4518? Thanks for your help.
Gert Nilsson I have a problems whidth electrical eqipment on my Honda 4518. I whonder if anybody can help my whith a wiringdiagram so i can follow the cabeles. Pleas hav a understanding whit my spelling becose i am from Sweden Best Regards. Mr Gert Nilsson
Ken Ok, I ended up replacing the transaxle with a used one and my surging problem is gone. however when the guy who installed it put it back together, I can not disengage it now with that lever under the seat to be able to move the mower without firing it up. I am just now trying to adjust this lever. I have the seat assy. off. the lever that operates this function is locked up tight . anyone know how this loosens up or adjusts. I also have the overheating problem, seems to be geeting worse, I changed fluids, oil and coolant, seems to have helped for now. I am thinking of removing the thermostat. anybody had luck with this?

Ken Ok, I ended up replacing the transaxle with a used one and my surging problem is gone. however when the guy who installed it put it back together, I can not disengage it now with that lever under the seat to be able to move the mower without firing it up. I am just now trying to adjust this lever. I have the seat assy. off. the lever that operates this function is locked up tight . anyone know how this loosens up or adjusts. I also have the overheating problem, seems to be geeting worse, I changed fluids, oil and coolant, seems to have helped for now. I am thinking of removing the thermostat. anybody had luck with this?

Ken Alright, first off sorry about the double post.
I was able to free up tne tranny lever with a couple of taps of the hammer. works fine now.
I have my old transaxle just sitting here, not sure what it needs. the shop tried the collar fix and that did not fix the surging so I replaced the tranny with a used one. If anyone can use this old one, shoot me an offer. I'm in Cottage Grove, MN.

Petros My honda 4518 had difficulty starting after 17 years of good work..!!! I located the green electrical part (CDI) and by pressing it in and holding it the tractor starts again ..!!!
Thanks to all !!!

john i had that problem with CDI an i stick a hair dryer on it for about 3 min an she starts rite up so im saving my 150.00
Rodney Allgire This site has a ton of great information. My 4518 has had the starting cold problem (CDI replaced thanks), The wearing of belts (TSB info thanks). I buy local belts that are a ton cheaper and work great and keep radiator fins clean to keep from over heating. Tune up every other year. This mower will run a Craftsmen into the ground (ask my many neighbors who are on thier 3rd mowers) and if you by a DEERE dont by the knock offs sold at Big Box stores, they dont last and give John Deere a bad name. 12 year mowing 2.5 acres. The mower deck is a little week but will surfice is cleaned up.
Chuck I believe my 4518 water pump is going out. Making a lot of noise. Engine runs good. Is @20 years old. Any experience/suggestions on replacing the pump. Told I need an engine serial no. to know what pump to get. Serial no. location? Buy a used pump? Any suggestions on replacing. I haven't found a parts diagram to see the pump location/diagram.
Dave I have 1992 4518. Currently does not run. CDI is bad. I will take 250.00 for it.
Brent Does anyone know where I can get a original manufacturer grass catcher kit for a 4514 Honda tractor mower?
Please call me @ 847-540-1951 ASAP & let me know.



W.H. On my 4518 the starter stays engaged even when the ign switch is in the off position and of course the engine will not start. Anyone know if the combination starter relay is the suspect problem Thanks for any info.
blair There are great part diagrams for Honda lawn tractors and power equipment at WWW.BOATS.NET

They are proper parts microfiche, not the quick lists that some other online sites have.

hakan my 4518 worked fine today until i finished cutting grass. used my blower to clean all that dust and dirt out of it. wanted to start it up but no turn, no sound. please help. Starter? Starter selonoid if there is one? CDI?
Jack Holland my 4518 won't start. The switch checks bad but when wired around it the tractor still won't start, no spark in spark plugs. The CDI box checked good. What am I missing?
wwright Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor BELTS;
What is the correct length for both belts;
What is the correct way to be on the pulleys
Hoping someone can help with this

Richard Straub I saw your post concerning the Honda 4518 lawn tractor . Do you still have this item available?I would be interested as I live in the Raleigh NC area and could come and see it.Please let me know the status.
Richard Straub
919 341 6274

Ron L Any one know where I can get a copy of Bulletin #15 on the bushing replacement to correct surging?
rogerb I am looking for a good used 4514 seat and a right headlight assy. Email me with pics(if possible),condition,price.
Randy K I need a replacement frame for the Grass catcher for my 4514. I backed into a tree and destroyed it. Twice, yes-twice. Has to do with a neighbor and warm weather. Never mind. Anyway I tried and didn't find anything. (except boats ;) )
Thanks so much!
Randy in Alaska

Glen Dawkins I have a Honda 4518 in very good condition for sale just replaced both belts and all the bearings in the deck and pulleys. $1200.00 (Memphis, TN. Area)

Pat Reid i have a 4518 lawn tractor for sale it runs great has a broken head light and bent grill however lights still work i live in Harrison Twp Mi. (about 30 miles north of Detroit)just make me a reasonable offer i am also considering keeping it and putting a snow plow on it
Greg K Hello , i wanted buy used Honda 4518 with snow blower , please let me know if any one have . Thank You!
David I have a 4518 and am looking for a snowblade, not a blower, and also weights/chains. They are really hard to come by. Does anyone know of any cheap ones around, or know if any of the MTD or craftsman, or any other available brand snow blades will fit the 4518?
Dan Stair
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

Looking for seat on the 4518. Missed two on Craig's list, last one in Albany went for $25. Anybody know where to find nice one?
Thanks! 541-490-8214. Thanks!

john All my dash lights stay on. One would think it is a bad ground. I thought that too however I have taken as much apart and cleaned connections that I possibly can do. Lights still stay on. Can anyone suggest a fix for this
Rick Ludvicek Iam lookig for a transmission foe my 4515 my old one would not turn the wheels forward or back.
Matt C Looking for a 4518 engine in good or decent shape. I live in Michigan, approx. 30 mi. west of Detroit. Thanks.
Barry Can someone please help me,i need a diagram of the squashplate and bearing assembly for my h4518.The surging is killing me. thanks a bunch Barry R Ketz
Jim I have a 4514 I bought new in 1992: Its been a great machine. I recently began having issues with the engine stalling after cutting 20-30 feet. It restarts with no problem, but stalls again after short travel. This continues for about 10 to 12 episides and finially settles in. If i react quick enough, i can disengage the blade and hit the choke which allows the mower to settle down. Any ideas?

A follow up note, the fuel starvation mentioned in other post due to a clogged gas cap creating a vacuum is not thje problem here. Once it stalled I removed the gas cap and restarted the engine. In a short time it stalled again, sooner than the last time. Also, if left to idle at low speed it will run without stalling. Parked running at full throttle, will stall in time. With the PTO engaged the engine stalls after 800 feet, restarts then stalls after 400 more feet, restarts and stalls after 200 feet. Had to run with the PTO off and restart several times just to make it back to the house.

Mike Rick - Jim
I have the same problem with stalling. Engine starts fine, If I am riding the kids around it will stall after 300yds or so and this is on the road, so no grass or anything like that clogging the radiator. Starts back up fine but will stall again shortly. Just bought this tractor for $65 bucks and have not had the chance to mow the yard yet as summer has just returned to florida, but I am sure it will continue to stall. I just ordered a shop manual since I dont have much money in it I am willing to put in a little to see if I can figure the problem out. So far no one on here has replied to this problem.
Can anyone help?

rich beard looking to buy a used engine fuor a honda 4518 or willing to sell all or individual parts. assesories incud 46" mower deck snow blade weigts thacher lawn roller
mike the ignition switch on my 4514 is bad. I bought a new one at auto supply store. Can any one help me how to hook up the wires.
Lee Gilman I have recently upgraded to a 4x4 Kubota and so have a Honda 4518 with a 42" snow blower, subframe, quick hitch, counterweights, tire chains, and mower/bagger for sale whole or as major parts/accessories.

I also have a Honda 4514 with a blown transmission available for parts.

Lee Gilman I have a Honda 4514 with a blown transmission available for parts. Available accessories for this tractor include a 36" mower/bagger, 42" snow blower, subframe, quick hitch, counterweights, and tire chains.
Andy I am in need of a front bumper for my 4518. Is yours in good shape? Will it fit on mine?
Paul Dobos My 4518 was doing the same thing. Started off by only stalling occaisionally then got more frequent. Mine would also not start cold unless I wiggled the wires going into the control module . I replaced main control module last year and has run like a charm ever since. It's not cheap 200 if I remember right. Hope this helps. Paul
Randy Y Re. the 4518. Do you still have the mower and accessories and where are you located, I'm near Indianapolis
mike I fixed it!!! Believe it or not it was the oil. When I first got the mower I mowed a good section of the lawn to make sure everything worked. So after that I changed the oil spark plugs and drained the radiator and replaced fluids. Ever since I experienced the problems I posted about, cutting off after a few minutes of running and then overheating after engaging pto...not while just riding around, only when pto was engaged. Anyway I bought the shop manual and after reading I realized it can only use 10w30. I had used regular riding lawn mower oil from walmart. So I changed the oil and filter again this time using 10w30 and absolutely no cut offs or overheating since then. I couldnt believe it. If you dont own the shop manual I encourage everyone to get one...they are really nice and explain everything along with many pages of troubleshooting.
Mike B I'm looking for a bagger for my Honda 4514 Lawn Mower Tractor w/ 38" deck.May be interested in a snow blower as well.

Mike B

Glenn Can anyone tell me what year 4518H with a frame number of MZAT-1003749 and the deck number is RZAV-1002443A? Thanks
Tom If you still have the 4518 Contact me at my email
Glenn Does anyone know of any common spray paint that is close to the honda silver? I hav a couple of spots I wanted to touch up on the deck.
Dave I have a replacement for you. I've replaced my grass catcher with just a side discharge adapter. Make me an offer but shipping might be outrageous!
Christopher Sims I'm looking for a blower and a bagger for a 4514. I'm in upstate NY. 6/24/2010
Robert Could you please tell me how to adjust the Deck Cluch between the fan & motor on my Honda HT4213
Lawn Tractor

harold cicon Very informative site,however,need to know how to access yoke collar bushing to replace it. My clutch plate will not disengage as other site visitors have encountered,again need to know how to access to fix.I don't want to buy expensive manual,may have to. I am no mechanic,know how to use a left-handed monkey wrench though.
Al La Costa I have overheating problems. anti freeze doesn,t change in the reserve bottle ever. i flushed the radiator, engine and it had coagliated anti freeze. it is clean now. i am going to order a rad.cap first.Others have had the same problem but know one responde to how they fixed there proble.
Is it hard to replace the water pump and thermostat.
Ilook forward to a serious answer.It has about 3,000 hours plus on it at 14 years old.

jcd overheating?, clean radiator screen(radiator fins), check thermostat. Timing belt could also be strectched,water pump gear worn (affects the timing). I have never had to replace a radiator cap on any Honda 3813,4213,4514,4518. Thermostats yes, I have replaced (very few).
jcd Harold, If PTO clutch is not disengaging it is probably because the bearing has gone bad and locked up. Also check to make sure you PTO engagment cable is not frayed.
jcd what size mower deck do you have?
jcd What size mower deck do you have?
k a meadows need whole mower for parts only. mine has fire damaged
k a meadows I have a new starter, just replaced old one. Since I have put it on there, I have new battery.
It will not turn engine at all. All that is going on is the cillinoid is clicking over and over again, like it has a short in it. But all of the connections seem to be good, is it possible that the cillinoid could cause the starter not to turn the engine? If you could help, thanks.

k a meadows need honda 4518 whole thing, from seat to the to the front of tractor
mine has fire damaged,all plastic is melted pruty well need it all,shure would thank you .if you could help.

thanks nesken1

JCD Hi, in your first post you said you had fire damage, where? Then you said you bought a new starter and it does not engage? Did you purchase a new (OEM) or a used(new to you) starter? I am not trying to be a smarta**, but all the info you can relate to your problem will help us help you.

B Doctor I'm trying to sell my Honda H4518 with 46" deck. In decent condition but the spindle shaft and pulley on the deck needs replaced. Runs well and I have replaced the yoke collar bushing. New blades this spring. I would like to get $500 out of it. I'm located near Fort Wayne, Indiana. Let me know if you are interested.
craig Looking for info on PTO clutch setup. I just replaced my clutch assembly on my 4518. The bolt clamping fan boss and clutch bearing doesnt clamp solid, (metal to metal). There must be an assembly dimension to put the right amount of pre load on the clutch assembly. I am going to order the shop manual. Just looking for a head start.
thomas hello i have a 4518 and the belt from the clutch pully to the deck broke and i dont know the lenth of the belt also the deck is a 46'' deck so if anyone has the lenth of the belt id shure appriecate it
Craig in Maui Just aquired a 4518 that was under a tarp for 6 years not running, Put gas and the jumper cables on it starts right up. Remove cables, the headlights brighten a bit then it dies, is there some voltage regulator or stater on this thing thats going beserk. Or perhaps the carb needs full juice to run? There is some type of solenoid or switch on the bottom of the carb.

harold cicon I will check cable to PTO,It looks fine.I bought a manual,still don't know how to initiate yoke collar bushing replacement or where to access it.
Gene This web site was a God sent for me. I have been diagnosing a starting problem on my 4518. After everything checked out, the Honda manual said to replace the coil. This made no sense because the coil checked good. The problem is the CDI contact! There is no mention of this in the Honda manual troubleshooting guide. Does anyone know is there a release? Does cleaning the contacts change anything? This appears to be a contact problem, not an internat component problem.

Thanks again, all.

Mike I have the starting problem mentioned above several times. When cold, engine tunrs over and does not start till I wiggle or press on the green connector that plugs into the CDI Unit. If this is the CDI unit, the numbers stamped on it are:

ZG8 2.2
CI603 041

What is the Honda part number for the part and where can I find one? If this is not my problem...any suggestions????

Justin Had my 4518 for about 1 year now, came with the "new " house I bought. Having the surging problem mentioned in previous post. I bought the bushing but does anyone have a copy of the service bulletin? Also thanks for the advice on the cdi, just went out.
matt Need help on honda 4514 pto,installed pto but need the torque amount on the main bolt,so as to not over tighten


matt Need help on pto,installed pto but need the torque amount on the main bolt,so as to not over tighten


abe Replaced the yoke collar in tranny on my 4514, stopped the surging when in drive. Engine still "surges"/revs when in neutral, however, like you were jerking the throttle lever back and forth. Stops as soon as you engage the PTO. Gets worse when engine warms up. Vacuum leak? Carb adjustment? Anybody seen this before?
Joyce I would love a grass catcher for my 4514 Honda riding mower. Does anyone know where I can get a grass catcher kit for a 4514 riding mower and I also need a new seat (or one in good shape)for the 4514 Honda riding mower. Please feel free to call me anytime - calling is better than e-mailing.

Thanks a lot! Maybe I'll get lucky and someone has these parts and would be willing to sell them to me. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Home #: 847-540-1951
Cell #: 847-809-8490

Look forward to hearing from someone.

Bob I have a honda 4518 mower, it starts fine, runs for a short while, boggs down and quits. Let it set for awhile and it will start, then do the same thing. What should I do?
Russ Bryant I have a 4518 that runs perfect and in great shape, been sitting for 15 years or better. Cleaned the carb and it runs and operates perfect. But the mower deck Mandrels/spindles are bad also need new blades. Would anyone know where i can get new ones for this mower. If so please let me know
Thanks Russ

Randy Wylie My 4518 is a super mower, however, the deck sounds like an airplane taking off while mowing. Is this normal for that mower? I replace all the bearings, pulleys, and belts, but it is still very loud. Looking for ideas. Thanks Randy
Shelly Need to replace the two idler pulleys on the 46inch mower deck on the Honda 4518 lawn tractor. Need to know where to buy them and a part number.
Re: Shelly

Shelly, Look on Select your mower from the drop down menus and look for tensioner pulleys. They're $53 a piece, so a bit pricey, but much cheaper than replacing belts. If you call OKCProPower, talk to Les or Kyle and tell 'em "John from New York" sent you. They might give you a 10% break on parts.


Carl After paying $12.99 plus sales tax for a Honda oil filter I discovered that a local Auto Zone had a FRAM TG6607 filter for about 1/2 the cost. Their search using the Honda pt#15400-PFB-014 came up with the Fram.
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

Lee Gilman posted a "for sale" ad for a 42" snowblower, drive kit, quick hitch, and counterweights. I did not know if his ad was current because there are no time or date stamps on any of these posts. I e-mailed him anyway and found that it was current.

Needless to say, as of 07NOV2010, that snowblower, drive kit, quick hitch, and counterweights are all in the bed of my pickup and my wallet is only $400 lighter. I can't help but feel like I definitely got the better end of the deal. Again, many thanks Mr. Gilman!

No more plowing with my home made rig anymore, haha!


Doug I bought a new Honda CDI unit due to starting issues mentioned in several posts.How does one install the new CDI unit? What parts of the 4518 tractor do I have to remove to install the unit?
rob I have a 3813 and a 4518 they belonged to my dad and have been stored for the last 10yrs that i would like to sell. The blade engage clutch is out on the 3813 and the 4518 ate alot of belts.Both were running when he parked them.
Neeed some assistance regarding Honda part numbers. Want to install the PTO belt tensioner arm fix part #75520-758-900AH found a web site with a supersceeded 75520-758-801. A little concerned if the -801 number has the proper twist for the belt routing, can not find any pictures of the item. The stock number 75520-758-800 does not have the twist.

Martin need a diagram of the mower belt for the blades and all that surge problems were under a recall as I bought mine new and they fixed it
steve I was given a 4518.all I had to do was empty the old gas and put a new tuneup with a fresh paint's been doing very well now for two yrs.I do get the slight surging.I need a toggle swith for the fron head lights. can someone tell me where to buy. thanks in advance...
John service manual for free:

downloaded this for free last week.

My pto clutch went south. Its very important to realize when you engage the clutch, the blades should immediately engage and go to full speed quickly - if they don't you have a bearing problem either in clutch assy or deck assy. continuing to use the blades this way will kill the clutch. The clutch isn't cheap - better to find the problem and repair some $10 bearings than pto clutch at $300. Overall - this is a nice mower. got it for free 5 years ago and has been sweet to me.

matt Looking for a good used grass catcher for my 4514
Im in connecticut, email me..thx

matt WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T BUY FROM NORWALK POWER EQUIPMENT.I ordered a part from the mentioned and it has been 1 month they havent shipped the part,they wont return my calls or my emails.


They have my money and havent even refunded it.I paid through paypal....BOYCOTT BOYCOTT !!!!!!!!

BOATS.NET is at least honest and ships your orders !

matt adams
union carpenter

matt *********** UPDATE ************************

Just called Norwalk Power Equipment for the 5th time,it has been 5 weeks and now they say they dont have the part.Now they are going to refund my money,INFO.....they mis-priced the part to 00.50 cents so I ordered 1 (one) it is not my fault they screwed up,if i was a person that would try to take advantage of that I would have ordered 100 of them.! But I only ordered and paid for 1 just shows how they do business....they should thank me for finding their mistake.!

matt Honda H4514 seems to be driving slower than normal even in cutting mode, any ideas? thx


Cameron Looking help! My H4514 was working perfectly until I ran over some mesh which got wrapped round the blades... With the mesh cut out and removed, now the blades won't engage.
I'm guessing I've done something to the PTO clutch?? When I push the lever to engage the cutting deck, nothing happens and I get a burning smell after a minute.
Any ideas/advice/help!


David Have the same problem as Hutch above. With engine running under no load governor is constantly hunting. When you try to idle the engine it will eventually shut off because of constant hunting. Air filter new, fuel filter clean, cleaned carb. Any ideas?
Tim Rimmler Motor runs fine, when I put into gear moves about a foot forward and stops any ideas.
Bill i am hoping someone can help me a PTO problem. I replaced the pulley, brake and drive plates, but when i engage the clutch it will spin for about 10 seconds then stop, i have adjusted the cable end at the lever all the way up, but still no help. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Shane I have a 97 4518 I just purchased. It ran great until I decided to clean the engine. I let it dry and its been fine. Now I dicovered a fuel leak near the selonoid on carb. I took carb off and saw a damaged o-ring on jet. should this fix leak? also I installed new bolts on heat shields and dropped one on the frame (passenger side) I tried to fish it out with coat hangar and no luck. I started it up and the engine feels like its strugling and when I raise the deck to 4 it strugles more. any ideas? Thanks
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

Here is a picture of my 1997 I just purchased for $800

Chad To whomever is the administrator of this forum, it would be most helpful to include dates with the postings so that others can get idea of when posts are made. Otherwise, great site with great info.

*One owner of a 4518, 42" deck, still running strong going on 19 years w/ new timing belt, water pump, therm and CDI. Biggest expense on the unit in all its years aside from regular maintenance and consumables: blades/belts, etc....

***Looking for grass bagger chute and hopper assembly (Tulsa area, OK). If you've got one you are looking to sell, please email with a price. Thank you.***



peter Also need the 15 march 1992 service bulletin. Can anyone tell me how to obtain one? Thanks!
Lee How do I determine which blades to buy for my 46" deck? I have been to a couple of sites but there seems to be various ones to consider.
Angelo I have the 4518 and it's sounding much louder than usual when the pto clutch is not engaged, I took off the pulley and sure enough it is a bad bearing as Brian described, I'll try to drill out the rivets and change the bearing, I noticed in the 4514 the bearing is changeable by design but not in the 4518. The shaft the bearing turns on has some worn spots on it, I wondering if I should change that part? The wear on the shaft is not visible to the eye but you can feel there is something there. any help would be great. thanks.
Douglas I have a 1992 Honda 4514 lawn mower and it noe only runs on full choke, and when it does gas pours out of a little box that the gas line comes through (going to carb)on the lower right underneath the batt. Any ideas what this little box is or does?. Thanks
Phil Johnson Thanks this is a awesome forum found my starting problem and have a CDI ordered thanks
cogar I own a 4518 looking for the two front tension er pulleys. so far I found a set in n.c but lost the guys number,
Philip Johnson Hi I have a 4518 and the fuel light do not come on when it is low on fuel, anyone know the problem you can email me at thanks.
steve cogar where can I get two idler pulleys for my 4518?
Adolph Porcina Would like to purchase a good used honda 4514 lawn tracor and a starter for same.Please advise.
Gary Have bagger complete for 4514,38 in deck
9/23/11 150.00 plus shipping.
located in pittsburgh

Hakan Hello everyone, i have a very nice Honda 4518 lawn mover, new blades, spark plugs, belts, oil, coolent, ready to rock and roll with an excellent engine and xmsn with new bushing in it. It doesnt surge because i already changed the old bushing and problem is solved. :) please ask for pictures $1600 you may find a cheaper one but after replacing this and that, it will cost you more than this one. The body also is in very good condition. call me if you have questions 505-274-1657 I hate to sell this machine but i moved to NM where i dont need to cut grass any more.
Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor

i tried to post the pictures with no success! as i said, just e-mail me and i have 20 pictures of it. xmsn oil also replaced. No oil or water leak, the engine burns no oil at all, not even a drop! 505-274-1657
wait a minute, i was able to post a picture ;)

Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


Re: Honda 4518 lawn tractor


GARY bagger has been sold,10/8/11
Do they have snow plows for the 4518?

Looking for a snowplow for the 4518. A snowblower would be really nice but probably too much money.

Also, it's for sale $600.00 located right between chicago and milwaukee

Pictures can be viewed here:

Mike For sale. I have a very nice snowblower unit from my 4514 Honda Tractor. I have all of the parts that attach such as the weights and pulley assembly. Works great and ready to use! $350.00 Milwaukee area location.
Cliff 11/20/11 I have a 45/14. Is there a elctrical "contact" on the PTO to engage the mower blades that can go bad? I had a no start situation, battery was old so replaced same. Turned the key, still no start. Pushed and pulled the PTO several times and started right up. Strange that when I previously parked it the PTO was off and tractor ran. If anyone else had this please let me know the part number. Thanks.
Jimdick The starter will not stop turning over when i turn key on. Is this a starter problem or the solenoid
tim dombrowski Hi,I have a 4518 that needs a pto..deck in great shape tractor runs great.selling deck for 250.00 and tractor for 350.00.. both for 475.oo...989-750-3371
CT Patterson I need to put the mower belt on but I don't know the correct direction of belt
Charles Fiero Hello All. New to this site, glad I found it. Have a 1991 4518 that was my Father's. Had to rebuild engine last year due to overheating (temp sensor went out), replaced radiator with new and now have to address the tranny surge issue.

Am looking for advice on tire replacement, especially the rear tire. Would like something that has more of a tractor tread as my yard is pretty steep in some areas.


Warren I have a H4518 and em in need of a complete seat, frame, foam seat and all, any ideas ???
John Antoon I have a H4518 Honda tractor need a CDI unit and front grill including headlights. Also with a 46 inch deck what is the proper deck belt size?
Cedric Nel I can not get my 4518 to disengage. I move the disengage lever, but nothing happens. the wheels stay locked. It is really difficult to try and move it around this way. Any advise? Thanks
Dale I haven't seen it above or maybe I missed it above, but figured I'd included it anyway-for parts I have been getting them at They have it separated into the mower and deck pieces, including belts. However, it may take a bit of navigating. D
tom m hello does anyone have a good 4518 mower engine and components for sale they can ship to in northern california.can anyone send me some close up engine pics?also what kind of output shaft is on these.i have a project i believe would work great on.thanks.
Dave I no longer have the tractor.
Ray M. I recently had my tractor in for a tuneup, oil change all the filters replaced the blades and blade drive belt for mower deck. I recieved a bill for 412.00. I got it back and the first time I used the idler pulley blew apart. Took it back because they put the new belt on. I don't even think they checked the bearings on the idler pulleys when they replaced it. I got it back and got another bill foe 125.00. After about a year of mowing the other idler pulley went bad. I need a little instructions on how to move the mower derck forward to remove the belt so I can change the pulley. Any help will be greatly appreated you can email me @
Frankie Edwards In need of a 4518 honda engine in good condition.
Merle Fitzsimmons It would be nice to have dates on the messages I couldn't tell if these posts are a day old or ten years old.
I have a 4514 hydro, water cooled and it rides like a bucking bronco. Does anyone know if there is an after market seat to fit these tractors?
Plano Power equipment are very helpful. They always get it right for me.

scott can anyone direct me to a deck belt diagram for a 4518 46"? i'm taking care of a friends lawn and the belt broke. i got a new one and i'm stumped trying to get it on. thanks.
rodney allgire 9/16/12 My CDI has been screwed up for 2 years. I squeeze it and once its warmed up(5 min) runs with no issues. One time motor overheated. Keep screen and fins on radiator clean. I buy my belts locally for 10-15 bucks and they work fine. Do a tune up every 100 hours and you should be in good shape. I have yet to have transmission issue.
Sarge Replaced CDI on 4518, starts when cold but when mowing after 20 minutes engine quits, sometimes restarts immediately other times won't start for an hour, when it starts it will shut down over and over. Please advise.
SB I have a 4518 with 38 inch blade working on it after sitting over 4 years. Got a manual from amazon.
Tom Date 9/3/2014

Honda Part No. 75520-758-801 is the correct superceeded tensioner arm part number with the correct angled modification to the pulley mounting stud.

I just installed one mid-August 2014 and it works fine. Warning, the 10mm bolt that held my old pulley on was a little too long for the new tensioner arm mounting stud. I think the welding process may have damaged the internal threads. I would suggest chasing the threads and test fitting that 10mm pulley mounting bolt prior to installation.

A big online dealership will have the approximate info on the year but I think they are grouped into serial no. ranges with no specific year.

Suggest as a starting point. You can get approximate year from their online parts diagram pages.

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