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jubilee timing

mark sr A few weeks ago I put an aftermarket distributor in my NAA. I thought it was running decent but with all the rain we've been getting I hadn't worked it any.

It dried up so I used it today but the timing is definitely off. I don't have a timing light but I've always done well by ear. The distributor only wants to make a quarter turn. I don't know if that is normal or not. I feel like it needs to be advanced some but it won't turn far enough.

When I installed the distributor cap I made sure all the wires were in the same place. Backing up the distributor would make it barely run so I moved each plug wire forward one position. It runs decent with that configuration but labors under a load.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Jim L Hey Mark, sorry to hear your having trouble. I've never fooled with the timing in my NAA since I've owned it. But a 1/4 turn either way seems like plenty to me. Did you make sure the rotor was pointing to the same place when you put the new distributor in? You say it's an after market distributor, maybe it's not all that great. Centrifugal advance problem? Whatever, you might have to find top dead center on number one, and see where the rotor is pointing in relation to your number one plug wire. What was wrong with the old one? I think you can get new bushings for them. I put new bushings in my 2N dist. Found them on Just 8N's site. Let us know what you found.
mark sr I believe the old dist was original - 65 yrs old. When I installed the new dist I made sure the rotor button had the same orientation as the one I removed. I thought replace the distributor with a new one would be easier as the old one had play everywhere. I think the parts to rebuild it were over half the cost of the new distributor which was $50 cheaper than a rebuilt one - maybe should have went that route.

My wife's brother just got out of rehab and goes back in the hospital for more surgery next week so it might be a while before I have time to work on my NAA.

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