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Tractor ID help

Alan Callison
Tractor ID help

Hi,I need some help identifying my Ford tractor.The guy I bought it from says its a 601 but Im not sure.He said it had a bucket on the front but it was removed at some time. The steering link has 2 hyd hoses cut off but I see no other proof. The engine serial number I found on a flat plate behind the starter and the numbers are as follows.The top # is 414C1-5 and the bottom # is 25962. On the transmission I found a # CONN 6015J. Its a wide front end (2 wheels).The rear wheels have a middle round hole surrounded by 8 lug nuts and it looks like a 2 piece rim(?) bolted together by 4 (clamptype bolts) spaced evenly around the rim. The rear fenders are FORD scripted with brake lights bolted to the left fender. The frame is flat but bent over at the top and bottom forming a 3 sided box kinda.I see no hyd pupm on the engine at all.The grill has the word FORD vertically on a sheet metal grill.There is no cyclops but the front top of the body sheet metal has a bulge on it.There is no front bumper on it. The body sheet metal has an air intake vent on the drivers side at the rear of the panel sitting in front of the aircleaner.On the right side of the tractor near the pto lever is a # lookslike 3622 or 3C22.below that is another #looks like 312478.
Any help at all would be awesome as Im going nuts checking it all on the internet.It seems like when I find an answer something else says different.Thanks all. Bundyal.

mark sr I don't know much about the newer tractors but my NAA has a bucket. The hydraulics hook up near the middle to the arms of the bucket. I would think the only reason for hydraulic hoses at the front would be to tip the bucket. Mine also has a valve under the seat to switch from the 3 point hitch to the bucket. Hopefully someone that knows more than me will reply.
Jim L Hi Allen, welcome to the world of old tractors. First of all, Ford tractors from that era don't have a frame at all. The oil pan is cast iron and supports the front axle. I can see from your photo, that the upper radiator hose appears to be connected to an outlet lower on the block. Where the Fords upper hose goes to an outlet neck above the water pump.
You might want to post this two forums up in "Farm Tractors". Someone might be able to recognize what you have there. Good Luck.

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