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Ford 76' 4500 hydraulic leak

Ford 76' 4500 hydraulic leak

Was 80 degrees on Saturday and I had some earth that needed to be moved. Was using the backhoe for a good solid 2 hours. I noticed a leak underneath. The oil was clear and light weight. I'm fairly certain it was hydraulic fluid. I attached a picture. You are looking at the bottom of thee transmission. The plate is approximately 5 by 5. Oil was dripping out of that whole in the middle. At first I thought that a bolt may have fallen out, but after inspecting it with a flash light; it is not a bolt. Any ideas what could be causing the oil to leak from there? Clearly that is where it was coming from.

ponymare Most likely the transmission input shaft seal is leaking, if you remove that plate, and using a good light you can see that area.
meb Ok thanks, will have a look. Just had a huge rain storm here and its a mud fest at the moment. I'll have to move it.

I'm fairly mechanical...wondering what the repair might entail?

sixbales Howdy meb, welcome to the tractor forum.

I asked the guys at the YT Ford tractor forum what this weep hole was for, and what was required to repair it. Got the following responses from Shaun Wallace and RickB:

Shaun Wallace:
"There is a test port for trans above that plate. First guess is converter seal is leaking. This will require a split between eng/trans. Will also need to pull fuel tank/steering gear to get to converter drive bolts. If has backhoe it will have to come off and hoe subframe will have to be dropped so can roll trans back.May have to drain hyd oil because of cross over tube between frame sides."

"Or he can prop the loader frame securely and roll the front end and engine away from the loader, transmission, rear axle and backhoe. Much less work."

Shaun acknowledged that RickB's approach would save a lot of work.

The above is based upon my guess that you have a torque converter transmission, that is the only transmission that has the 5"x5" inspection plate with weep hole that I'm aware of. Please advise if this is not the tranny you have.

You will need to get a shop/repair manual and study up on this before doing the job.

meb Anyone know if a reasonably priced service manual is available? Bought the one on ebay supposedly for the 4500, but it really doesn't cover it.
meb thanks guys. Its the 4 gear that you can go back and forth on all gears (no clutch). Seems the bottom line is that the front of the machine will need to be moved/split from the trans. I've never done it before. There is a guy over the local fertilizer place that is a part time mechanic there. Spoke to him once or twice, seem knowledgeable, might try to get some help. I'll move it out of the mud this weekend, take that plate off and see if I can get a pic or two.

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