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Case 2290 trans filter light on

John Hello

Read the previous posts here - thank you to those offering suggestions! I have a Case 2290 with the trans filter light on.
I've changed filters and cleaned the screen - still light comes on. Any ideas on what to try next? It seems to run/work fine but that trans filter light stays on, though sometimes it flickers dimmer or goes off briefly. Anyone with similar issues or anyone have suggestions as to what to try next ? I would appreciate any input!

AJ Change the sender switch on the filter as it's most likely to be faulty,the light works when the key is turned on,power is sent to one side of the lamp,the ground is made through the pressure switch on the filter,when the oil is cold or the filter is blocked the pressure increase will cause the switch to close and ground the wire then the light will come on,it is normal for the light to come on after start up but should go off in a little while,glad you got your other trouble sorted,what was the cause.
Good luck

John Thank you! Where is this sender switch ?
When I cleaned screen n changed filters there was a fair amount of debri that appears to be brake pad material below the filters area n also on tge screen. So when the light came on after a few hours of work I thought maybe more debri plugged something again. Is there a quick way to test this sender switch. ?

AJ The filter switch will be mounted on the bracket that the filters are on,if you had debris in the system the switch may be sticking,to test it if you have a test lamp put power to side and use the terminal of the switch for the ground,thinking again that is the same as turning on the key,the light should not be on with the key on,with the engine stopped you can remove the switch and wash it out,gently tap it and try it again.

John OK, THANK YOU! I'll try that out.

Did you mean in general that the light should not be on with the key on like when the engine is off & I turn the key to the "on" position? Or did you mean the light should not be on when I disconnect the filter switch and the key "on" with engine off ? (If that makes sense......?)

AJ If you turn the key on the filter light should not come on as there is no pressure in the filter till the engine starts,(it works the opposite to the engine oil light) the light can come on after start with the oil cold as it builds a bit of pressure getting through the filter,after the oil warms up a bit it gets through the filter easier lowering the pressure and the light will go out,if the light is staying on take the wire off the sender switch,the light should now be out,if it is staying on it would mean that the wire between the sender and the lamp is grounding and keeping the light on.

John R Kopacz I've been unable to locate the trans filter sensor. However, I found out when I use the 3 point (on a plow), the light went off. Then, when I went to pull the disk, it came back on. Everything seems to be working fine, but this kind of worries me a bit (that it was off w/ 3pt use, on when pulling.
There is a tube that comes directly from the filters area that has a sensor on it, but that one is the "transmission" light, not the "trans filter" light. I haven't been able to locate any other wires in the vicinity of the trans filters. Any suggestions ? :)

Re: Case 2290 trans filter light on

Had a job to find it myself but it had to be on the filter or before it,it is before it on the line that comes from the pump,the part # is A66737,when you switch on the key see if that light is on before you start the engine,if it is take the wire off the switch the light should go out,if it stays on the wire is making ground between there and the lamp,if it went out it is likely it's the switch,try that.

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