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CX100 temp gauge show hot but it's not

Dave I'm having an issue with my 02 CX100. Temp gauge is running at the edge of green/red but the temps are all 190 or less according to my infrared gun. I've replaced both thermostats with new 185's, new water pump, flushed cooling system and new coolant, new fuel filter, changed oil and filter, changed hydraulic filter, changed both air filters, replaced temp sending unit, replaced temp gauge even though I didn't think the old one was bad, replaced radiator cap even though the old one wasn't very old, belts are fine not slipping, replaced fan clutch last fall. Starts at a touch of the key, runs like a top, stops normal. Never has boiled or anything like that. isn't losing antifreeze. No pressure buildup in fuel tank or any strange stuff like that. After spending a few hours in the field baling hay with the gauge showing hot the whole time I can use my infrared temp gun and radiator temps are 190 or less, thermostat housing block will be in the 170's maybe 180, hydraulic fluid filter housing will read about 110-115, hottest temp (other than turbo) is about 210-220 on the block, head is 180's, bottom radiator hose is a little less than top by 10-20 degrees. It's not getting hot just the gauge is telling me it is. I'd really like it to give me the correct reading. Tractor is 02 CX100 with about 3800 hours. The only thing I haven't changed is the dash circuit board which I don't want to buy just trying to see if it's the problem. Does anyone have a clue what it might be? I've changed everything in the 'cooling system'.... Thanks in advance.
AJ I'm the same I like things to be perfect,try taking the wire/s off the sender unit and run the engine up and see if there is anything else influencing the gauge,how many wires go to the sender,some had one and some two,with the one wire it was very simple wiring,power was sent to one side of the gauge when the ignition was switched on,the other side of the gauge went to ground through the sender,when the coolant got hot the wax in the sender expands and pushes a piston like resistor,the shorter the resistor is made the stronger the ground and the higher the needle will read in the gauge,has your got a warning buzzer.see what you find.

Dave The sending unit has a plug, I think 2 wires. The gauge is kind of different. It plugs into a main board in the dash console. Looks like all the gauges connect that way. Wiring harness for the tractor plugs into the board. I've changed the gauge, sending unit, water pump, coolant, both thermostats but not the board, so far.... Temp of the coolant is actually 200 degrees when the temp gauge needle is pegged. Measures with meat thermometer, probe placed in the radiator neck.

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