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Case 580B Main Boom slowly lowers

tim hon One of the two boom cylinders was leaking badly out of the gland.

I replaced it.

I recall the cylinder seals, had 3 gaskets... 2 outer ones that looked the same, and one in the middle that the shop guy said was the "wiper"... but didn't actually do the work of holding the pressure.

Anyways, the new middle "wiper" seal didn't fit properly, so I used the old one.

After replacing everything, now... the whole boom... after raising it up, it slowly lowers on it's own... like 1 foot per second.... I did not have this problem before I replaced the boom cylinder.

Could it be that small wiper seal?? Or I just did something else wrong?

Someone else told me it could also be one of the valves at the control lever. I visual inspection of the controls shows a small leak BUT NOT for the boom lever... its for the dipper lever (and the dipper cyl is strong still).

Any ideas?

AJ Leave the valve as it is very unlikely that it's the trouble,have you now stopped the gland from leaking,that is the only part that has a wiper seal and it is used to wipe the rod when it's retracted,the seals on the piston if you have a one piece piston it has two fibre wear rings that are split,in the middle you have the main pressure seal in two pieces,a square back up ring and a flat sealing ring,it is most important that those rings are fitted correctly,the square goes on first,you must not let that ring twist,it must go on the way it comes,the flat ring that goes outside it is not easy to put on without damaging it,some has an Z shape joint in the and you could stretch it that little bit to get it in the groove,if it does not have the Z cut in it you have to prise it over gently,soak in in hot water for a few minutes,use some hydraulic oil to help slip it on,now get a clear plastic bottle that will be a tight fit over the piston,cut a section out and put it on the piston to squeeze down on the seal to help you get the piston into the cylinder,don't forget if the machine has two boom cylinders an internal leak in either one will cause it to drop.

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