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case 580ck diesel backhoe leaking oil from bottom of starter nose

Steve Hayes I have a 580ck backhoe Diesel. It is leaking trans oil from around the bottom of the starter. I was thinking I read somewhere that someone might of put a wrong starter nose on...... any suggestions would be welcome thank you steve

thepumpguysc there should be a seal in the nose..
IF the starter was just rebuilt or replaced.. the rebuilder forgot or didn't put 1 in..
Newer ones don't have it & its NOT uncommon for a rebuilder to overlook it..
OR your seal is just bad & failed..

Steve Hayes Is it just a matter of pulling the starter and putting in a new seal or is it more complicated than that ?? ............ thanks Steve
Steve Hayes (I also just did this) ..... There is a chance that the seal is not at fault in the 580, Case used the trans casting in the early 580 that was used in the ag line. There was a tube built into the rear casting to bring leakage from a leaky rockshaft piston back to the front without diluting the 90 wt in the rear. In the industrial models w/o rockshaft,the pipe was blocked off with a plastic cap and a spring type hose clamp. Usually these would fall off and oil would transfer front to rear. Remove the shift cover for the 4 speed, on the brake pedal side tucked up in the corner up front you will find this pipe sticking back, should have a cap on it. if no cap, Case supplies a groove pin to drive in to seal it, Check it, its an easy fix if plug is not there, seal failure is uncommon on the trans input shaft but possible. The plug gone is more likely, mEl.... ( is it possible that sealing that tube could be building up pressure and making the starter nose seal to leak ?? )

Re: case 580ck diesel backhoe leaking oil from bottom of starter nose

The oil seal in the starter is mounted in a plate between the nose and the body,in other words the bendix is in the oil side and the armature is in the dry side,see the torque is not overfilled and any breathers it has are not blocked,the usual cause of oil leaking from the starter is the torque is leaking and the oil is filling up the compartment faster than it can return to the pump compartment,if the starter seal is leaking the oil will be coming out from between the back cover and the body,loosen the two long screws a few turns and prise the cover back a smidgen,if there is oil there it will drip out,then change the seal and see how it fares.

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