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Posted by Mr. Sharkey on Saturday, May 03, 2014:

OK, finally got around to rebuilding the carb on the old 9N, also began rewiring the rat's nest behind the dash (most of it was disconnected).

The one-wire generator wasn't charging, so I found the cutout was defective. Putting my volt meter on the generator output revealed it was 35 volts!!! Figuring it was because it was unloaded, I bypassed the cutout with the engine running. The generator immediately started pumping 20+ amps into the battery and ran the voltage up to 16+ volts (12 volt, pos gnd system).

Disassembled the generator, cleaned up the insides, freed up the third brush adjuster, etc. Reassembled with the same end results, even with the adjustment at it's lowest setting.

While I'm very pleased that the generator seems so ambitious, how to I get it to reign in it's enthusiasm just a bit and keep the current down and the voltage within reasonable limits?

I'm tempted to yank out the third brush and bring the field winding lead out the back on a terminal so I can control the generator output with a custom solid state circuit of my own design.

Oh, and before the tear down/rebuild, the generator was running very hot, in spite of not being connected to anything.

Shorted armature?
Runaway self-exciting?

I'm not looking for a powerful charging system for a lot of accessories, just enough to keep the battery topped up. Really would like to avoid another project, so attempting to stay away from converting to a Delco, etc.


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