History of John Deere Farm Tractors

John Deere D, A, B, G, M, R, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and Later John Deere Tractors

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John Deere founded the company that bears his name in 1837, launching a line of cast-steel plows designed to replace the wood and iron plows in common use at the time. The company expanded into the tractor industry in 1912 and purchased the manufacturers of the Waterloo Boy tractors in 1918. In 1923, JD launched the John Deere D tractor, which would continue in service for another thirty years. The JD R was the pioneer of the early letter series of John Deers, which included the John Deere A in 1934, John Deere B in 1935, and the John Deere G in 1937. The post-war era would see the launch of the John Deere M in 1947 and the John Deere R in 1949, featuring the first diesel engine in the line. The early 1950s would witness the end of the letter series and the launch of a new numerical naming scheme, including the John Deere 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. 1959 saw JD abandon its traditional two cylinder tractor designs, with the launch of the new six cylinder 8010 and 8020 series. The 1010, 2010, 3010 and 4010 would follow the next year, by which time four and six cylinder models had replaced the earlier two cylinder tractors that had become a trademark of the brand. The 1020, 2020, 3020, 4020 and 5020 would appear in the mid-1960s. The new models were wildly successful, and by the end of the decade John Deere would secure its place as the largest farm tractor company in the world. John Deere remains the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment to this day and one of the largest corporations in the world.

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History of the John Deere Tractors

John Deere D 1923-1953
John Deere A 1934-1952
John Deere B 1935-1952
John Deere G 1937-1953
John Deere M 1947-1952
John Deere R 1949-1954
John Deere 40 1953-1955
John Deere 50 1952-1956
John Deere 60 1952-1957
John Deere 70 1953-1956
John Deere 80 1955-1956
John Deere 320 1957-1958
John Deere 420 1957-1958
John Deere 520 1957-1958
John Deere 620 1957-1958
John Deere 720 1957-1958
John Deere 820 1957-1958
John Deere 330 1959-1960
John Deere 430 1959-1960
John Deere 530/JD 630/JD 730/JD 830 1959-1960
John Deere 1010 1961-1965
John Deere 2010 1960-1966
John Deere 3010 1961-1963
John Deere 4010 1960-1963
John Deere 5010 1963-1965
John Deere 1020/2020/3020/4020/5020 1965-1973
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