Electronic Brake Control / Breakaway Kits 

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9030 Voyager 2-4 Brake (electronic) ABS $69.99
9035 Voyager 2-8 Brake (electronic) ABS $82.99
Positive ground relay 12 volt system for vehicles with positive ground $45.99
Brake Actuator 2-4 Brake (electronic) STD or ABS
no moving parts, no hydraulic function to go wrong, no inertia or leveling required. Note: operates in automatic mode using a few milliamperes of current through the closing of the stop light switch. Current is supplied to the trailer brake magnets providing controlled braking. $45.99
Brake Master
use on 2, 4, or 8 brakes - no adjustments required. Four year warranty on controller. LED bar graph displays brake setting. Design is mountable at any angle inside passenger compartment. Meets all NHTSA regulations regarding tow vehicles & trailer light activation. Can be used on Std. & ABS brake systems. $54.99
Brake Control 2-4 or 8 Brakes L.E.D. Digital
LED Display Depicts Brake Amperage
LED Display for Exact Adjustments
can be used with Std. or ABS brake systems $76.99
Electronic Trailer Brake Controller Solid State System for 2 to 8 brakes. Includes 10 bright lamp bar graphs which display reaction speed and hardness of trailer brakes, and continuity light to confirm connection. $54.99

Brake Control Installation Kit

Brake Control Installation kit - everything needed for proper brake control installation. 15 ft. of 14 gauge black wire, 25 ft. of 14 blue wire, 15 ft. of 16 gauge white wire, 3 ft. of 16 gauge red wire, 2-#10 blue butt connectors for breaker, 2-2 5/16" blue ring connectors for battery, 4 blue butt connectors to attach to control, 1 quick splice to connect red wire to stop lamps, 1 20 AMP automatic reset circuit breaker, 2-8 x 1/2" hex head screws for breaker, 10 plastic wire ties to secure wires. $13.99

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers with "Cross Wire" Integral Mounting Bracket
Two #10-32 stud terminals with hex nuts and lockwashers supplied. Dimensions: 2.0" L x .78" W x 1.37" H (50.80mm x 19.81mm x 34.97mm)
20 amp $5.49
50 amp $7.99

Breakaway Kits

Breakaway Kit without charger $35.99
Parts Sold Separately
Trickle Charger $39.99
Breakaway Battery Case $9.99
Breakaway Switch $8.99
Breakaway Battery $25.99
Replacement Pin & Cable $4.29

Brake Master

Breakaway Kit with charger $48.99
Parts for single, double, and tri-axle trailers sold separately
Trickle Charger $14.99
Breakaway Battery Box & Hardware $10.99
Breakaway Switch $8.49
12 Volt Sealed Rechargeable, maintainence free battery $25.99
Replacement Pin & Cable $3.99
Includes: polymolded sealed box, 12 V rechargeable battery,
breakaway switch and cable, 12 V battery charger