bush hogging RPM

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bush hogging RPM

Ron What is the correct RPM to run while bush hogging? I have trouble with tractor overheating after a short time when bush hogging.Is red line on tach maximum running rpm? Thanks
Scott You should be running your bushhog on 540 pto. Run in 7th gear at about 2500 rpms if your cutting grass not trees. My 1600 never gets above 190 degrees when cutting.
Paul Jesmer I run my 1700 in 6th gear at about 2250 rpm's on the tach for heavy brush and thick grass. I had an overheat problem and after reading things in this board I cut back on the glycol in my radiator. I run almost pure water right now (15% solution) and haven't had the overheat problem since.
Norm Engine rpm has nothing or very little to do with overheating. you probably need to flush your radiator and if a thermosyphon machine cut back to 25% antifreeze.
Sam Ron, Engine RPM DOES have an effect on cooling of the engine!!! I have helped several friends that have had overheating problems and RPM had a definate effect on the temp. First of all if your tractor has a water pump you should try checking the belt for correct tension. If the engine runs at high RPMs the belt will slip and not let the fan turn fast enough to cool properly, this will not show up at lower RPMs. Second the engine requires a good flow of coolant at the higher RPMs, it will not show up at lower RPMs because the flow has slowed enough to cool in the radiator and allow the coolant to be properly cooled due to the lack of flow pressure which is due to low RPMs. Don't be misled, RPM HAS A LOT TO do with proper cooling. I would check belt tension first, then check for correct mix of water and coolant, then check the radiator cap for proper pressure,( around 12 pounds) All of the above will lead to a cooler running tractor. Last of all check for trash in front of the radiator, Because when you bushog, grass will build up in front and prevent a proper flow of air to cool down.
Sam Ron, I failed to make Myself clear about the water pump. All Yanmar tractors have a fan driven by a belt. Thats not saying all Yanmars have a water pump, some use the syphon method which increases water pressure at high RPMS, resulting in increased cooling ability. 1500,1600 and some other models have what appears to be a pump, but is really the alternator attached to the cooling fan. All still need to have the belt tension checked to cool properly.
Ron Thanks for the info.I installed a temp guage and it runs 190-200 degrees. My light was coming on when the tractor wasn't really hot. Better safe than sorry though. I think everything is O.K . Thanks again
Chuck The lift on my Yanmar 2200 stopped working the other day while cutting grass. The fluid level is fine however it worked fine when I started cutting grass then stopped before I finished. It has always seemed to not lift very high anyway, but I didn't think to much of it. Before I start trying to troubleshoot is there anyone with any suggestions,comments or ideas on what the problem may be and any remedies, such as is there a filter somewhere that may be clogged up and need to be cleaned or changed. Or what else should I try to check. Any help greatly appreciated. Also since I purchased the tractor I have not been able to set the throttle and keep it set due to vibration. It appears that there may be some friction plates missing under the dash as part of the throttle assembly. Does anyone know where I could find a new throttle assembly or parts, someone told me that there are hardly any parts available for this model and I would like to be able to fix the throttle the way it should be rather than continuing to have to try and rig something up like I have had to do.
Thanks in advance!

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