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Hydraulic Noise

Bob Newhouse I have a Yanmar 220D with a loader. As I increase RPM and when cold my Hydraulics make a loud whining noise. Bucket and 3 point will jump a little on start up but run smooth with power the rest of the time. New filter, clean strainer, new hydraulic/transmission fluid, no sign of leaks, hoses in good shape and all seem tight. Any suggestions?
Also anyone know where I can get a ROPS for this model tractor?

Al Fine bubbles in the fluid (air in the system)?
winston Do you have power steering? My ym2002d makes a whining sound sometimes, mostly at low rpm, and I think it comes from the power steering diverter valve which is under the hood. I don't consider it a problem so have never looked into it.

I believe Hoye can fit your tractor with a rop.

Al If you're not sure where the noise originates, a mechanics stethoscope should help. They're around $10 at auto-supply stores.

Yes, tractors can tip, esp our narrow ones. Operate it with care, esp with the FEL up high. Mine once rolled when a stream-bank collapsed. I jumped off but if I had been belted to the seat a ROPS would not have helped and I would have been injured. However, once rolled, a ROPS would have been handy for pulling it out.

Bob Sounds like air in the system. I hardwired the bucket controls, (had quick connects) noise seemed to be coming from the hoses that feed and return fluid to the controls. Went to plow snow today, noisy as always. Again everything was slow at first, but worked fine after a little warmup. Wondering if I have the wrong tranny/hydraulic fluid in it. The book doesn't specify a specific fluid, just states that I should use trans/hydraulic fluid.
Bob Still fighting the noise. Sound seems to come from the return side of bucket valve control in the hose that runs from the control back to the transmission. Have cleaned screen, new filter, checked all fittings for air leaks. No power steering. Hydraulics function well, and noise goes away when warmed up. No moisture, no sign of air bubbles, new fluid.

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