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FX 26D

Leo I've had this tractor for 5 years and am pleased with it. It started last year to use a small amount of coolant, like a pint in about a week. Now it will use a pint in 4 hours of hard work. It is getting worse. What could be the problem? I'm thinking head gasket. Need to do something.
FleetMan Sounds like head gasket. Do you have access to an automotive emissions test device, a three or four gas analyzer that was used to test exhaust emissions? Years back I worked with a fleet that had many trucks with the GM 8.2 Fuel Pincher diesel. That engine was notorious for head gasket failures. We would remove the radiator cap, engine running, and put the probe into the radiator tank above the coolant - NOT INTO THE COOLANT - and could determine the presence of exhaust gasses immediately, a positive sign of a blown head gasket.

winston If your FX26D has an overflow bottle here is another simple test that might tell something. While the tractor is cool watch for bubbles in the overflow bottle. Continuous bubbles would indicate a bad head gasket. If no overflow bottle just remove the radiator cap while cool and watch for bubbles.
norm water pump
Al Can you find any place where you can see it's leaking out?
Leo I do have a overflow bottle and that is where I am loosing fluid. There is a mark on the side of the bottle (do not fill beyond mark), and that is where the coolant is dropping until my dash light comes on. I have no signs coolant leaking on the floor of the shed. All hoses look good. I do not see bubbles in the overflow container. Where do I look for a gas sniffer to put over the radiator cap?
FleetMan Leo, If you know anyone in the automotive emissions inspection business, they surely would have one of know where you could borrow one. Our fleet was licensed to do our own safety and emissions inspections, thus the ready access to one.
winston There is only 3 places your coolant can be going. External leak, into the crankcase, or out the exhaust. Your going to have to analyze which one.
norm If correct troubleshooting shows no other symptoms, it's almost always the waterpump. Leaks at the weephole on hot/running engine and dries before it hits the ground. You might try letting engine heat up, sitting, and watch it.
Leo Thanks for all of your advice. I'll be doing more research on it.

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