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Replacement Yanmar Loader/Bucket Hydraulic Cylinder

Replacement Yanmar Loader/Bucket Hydraulic Cylinder

I need to find a replacement hydraulic cylinder that articulates the bucket on my Yanmar 336D Tractor.
(see picture)
The Loader's identification plate shows:
Model-YFL 1500, Serial#-1151
Yanmar Tractor, Inc.
Bensenville, Ill
Made in Canada

Al Probably made in Fort Erie, Ontario, firm long gone wheels-up. No matter, loader firms don't make their own cylinders any more than tractor companies make their own tires; these are off-the-shelf items.

Find a store that sells cylinders or use the web. Take measurements and make sure it's a double-action. They're easy to remove and replace but make sure the system is totally depressurized before touching a hose.

If yours is undamaged but leaking it should be a little cheaper to have it resealed. Any contractor who uses machinery can tell you where to take it for rebuilding.

Bill Thanks Al,
Crazy as it sounds the ram ended up bent bad. I took the cylinder to a local machinery company who gave it to his cylinder guy who initially said that they could rebuild it. Once they got it apart they decided that they couldn't fix it. So its headed back to me and I now need to get a new one. Thanks for the information you provided.

Bill It appears that these guys might have what I need.

Al They can straighten and true up a ram, or replace it, but that would be practical only on much bigger units.

Maybe they found the ram was cracked or not available or they didn't have your type seals.

Let us know how "Best" worked out.

Bill So far so good ordering the cylinders from Rick at "Best". I say "cylinders" because for the same price that one company wanted to repair the one broken cylinder I was able to purchase from "Best" a set (2) of new matching cylinders that are more heavy duty than the original ones. They are currently making their way from Knoxville, TN scheduled to arrive on June 21 (Tuesday). I will post a picture when they arrive.
Bill Cylinders got here. Made in China?? They are "Maxim" Cylinders and were shipped to me by Bailey in Knoxville.

I need some advice on getting rid of the air in them when I hook up the hydraulic lines. I know that if you are just replacing the lines that cycling the loader and bucket will move the air out but am not sure about 2 cylinders full of air?

john hall How to bleed cylinder
Grover Taylor We might have this cylinder in stock. We manufactured a lot of cylinders for the MTD/CUB CADET company for several years, and they did not take our over runs when they lost the Yanmar account. Contact me at 800-779-5544 to see if we have a match for the cylinder that you need.
Tom Calkins Bill, I read your thread and I have the same bent cylinder problem on my YFL 1500 loader. How did those cylinders work out for you? Do you have a part number where I can order a couple?

GROVER TAYLOR For several years we designed and built cylinders for MTD/CUb CADET's Yanmar front end loader. Since we only have the part numbers for them, we are not sure which on you need. We still have stock for several of their cylinders, and would be able to ship immediately. Do you have the stroke, rod size, and closed length of the cylinder? Without the part number, we might use some dimensions to get you the correct NEW cylinder. We also offer a rebuild service on a national basis. Contact us for more info.

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