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Clutch service on my Yanmar 1401D

Jon Hello:

I am putting my 1401D back into service. So far I've cleaned it up, given the battery a charge, looked at the fluids and electrical wiring. Today I'll replace the oil and fill the front axle with gear fluid. My first question is: What type of gear oil does the front axle require?

I've also planned on replacing the clutch components (friction and pressure plates, throughout bearing, etc.). My wife is the one who used to drive it and she stopped because the tractor didn't seem to pull under load the way it should. It ran fine with no load but seemed to loose force when dragging something. She had the clutch redone prior to this but I'm not aware of the professionalism of the outfit (HOMESTEAD TRACTOR in Southern California). I haven't driven it yet so maybe this is premature. My wife is no slouch and I trust her ability to discriminate what is normal and what is not with this tractor. I've ordered the parts from HOYE but can always return them.

My second question is: I understand that the return spring can cause slippage-type problems in the clutch components. You can see it by unbolting the steering box yes? IN light of the fact that she replaced the clutch could this be the problem? Would it drive normal under no-load and not hold tight under load?

Third: I called Hoye and talked to a parts guy. He indicated that there is a splined coupler between the primary shaft and the transmission that sometimes gets stripped. When this happens the symptoms can be similar to what I described. Anyone had experience with this? The part is no longer available and would have to be machined. I contacted LMTC and there is no listing in their catalog. Oh Well!

I'll post pictures as follow ups.

thanks in advance.


Re: Clutch service on my Yanmar 1401D


I drove it today and it seems as if the clutch is not engaging completely. That is, with the clutch fully depressed on a slight incline, I couldn't get it into second without some grinding. Could this be a linkage adjustment issue?

I've uploaded a pix of the current linkage adjustment.

I'll post two more:

One of the clutch pedal position with no pressure and one with the clutch pedal depressed just to the point of resistance from the throwout bearing.

As you can see from these two the clutch doesn't engage until the very end of the pedal travel.

Is this normal?

Thanks Jon

Jon Here's the pedal without any pressure. It's fully retracted in the 'up' position.
Re: Clutch service on my Yanmar 1401D

Pedal position with no pressure. The previous email didn't upload the picture.


Re: Clutch service on my Yanmar 1401D

Here's the position that I first feel resistance from the throwout bearing.


winston I can't judge from your pictures. What you want is appx 5/8" of movement from the top to where you feel the resistance on your pedal. 90 wt gear oil in the front drive. According to Hoye's parts drawings the only return spring on your clutch is external on the pedal. My Thinking is if your pedal is adjusted properly and your tractor starts slipping with load your clutch is bad. I can't imagine a stripped splined coupler hardly pulling anything.
norm If the clutch is in correct adjustment, nothing to do but split it and determine the problem before worrying about parts.

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