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How much oil and hydraulic fluid for fluid changes?

Gary Rose I do not have an owners manual and am wondering how much oil, with a filter do I need to add? Also when I change the hydraulic fluid how much should I add? Thank you very much. Gary
norm Buy 1 gal. oil and 5 gal Hy/Tran fluid and fill to full marks. If you need more, buy more.
winston Make sure you clean your hydraulic/transmission fluid screen.
Al You didn't give the model but when you drain you'll see how much was in. Engine oil around 4-5 litres or quarts. Fill to dipstick mark. Hydraulic, more. Fill to dipstick mark or around four inches below filler cap.

A manual will show you how to find and remove the internal hyd screen filter for cleaning and replacing. If there's an external spin-on one, you can get a replacement sent by a Yanmar dealer.

Engine: every 100 hrs, filter 200. I change both every 100. Hyd: every 300 hours but I go 500.

I'd buy a 20-litre or 5-gal container of hyd/trans fluid.

Gary The tractor is a YM 2500. The person I bought it from gave me a manual for a YM330, but I have noticed that the fluid amounts are different. I don't know why I didn'
t think of just adding a little at a time until I got to the fill mark?? Old age again. I did clean the hydraulic screen. Thanks for all your replies. Gary

Al Factory manuals in English are available for export models but not for similar grey-market ones. But there are now work-around manuals for greys; google Murray Publishing.
Larry I just saw the previous post and was wondering....where is it located on my 1500D and how do I go about cleaning it? Thank you very much for all of your help and info!
winston You will find it behind a triangular flange down low on the transmission right side (sitting on seat). You will need to drain your fluid. Pull the screen, clean it good with diesel or whatever, air compressor might help if you have one. Re install, fill transmission to full mark. Going to take around 10 quarts, but don't quote me on that. Make sure you use transmission/hydraulic type oil.
Larry Hey there Winston....
Thanks a million! I changed the fluid last fall, but didn't know about the screen. Again, mnay thanks!

roger jenkins Hello
Just behind the left foot rest there is four bolts that holds a cover on the transmission,take the bolts out and remove the cover,carefully,it is casting material,then remove the long screen filter and clean it good .Remember how the cover came off!

chris Anyone know how to unstick a transmisson on a yanmar ym1500d?

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