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idle setting and speed limiter adjustment

bill simmons how do you set the idle adjustment and the speed limiter--buffer-- on the 1300d yanmar tractor
norm The only idle adjustment is your throttle lever. What are you trying to do?
bill simmons I just installed a new injection pump and replaced a broken speed limiting buffer. the tractor runs and performs well, but my customer tells me that when he used to move the throttle lever the engine would come down to an idle. I cant make the engine do this because i believe that moving the throttle lever to slow the engine will eventually move the injection pump fuel rod to the no-fuel position. Do you know anything about this? Also procedure for fuel limiter buffer adjustment? yes the injection pump is timed correctly with shims and was rebuilt by a professional company.
norm I'm not familiar with a fuel limiter buffer, but as I said before, the operator sets the idle with the throttle lever, further movement shuts the engine off. Ask your customer how he has been shutting the engine off. There may be a detent at about 800rpm on the throttle lever. MY YM2000B has one.
Al Here's my guess, Bill. The 1300 was designed for the Japanese market, so the hand throttle may work in the opposite way from here. It's a tricky system involving a friction disc, return spring, and the ability to override or be overridden by the foot throttle.

At one end of its travel is full revs, just above redline. At the other is fuel shutoff, the only proper way to shut down. Fairly near the shutoff is an audible and tactile detent that marks idle, around 800.

A $40 manual in English for this model is now available from Murray Publishing.

russ my problem was a friction disc
Al In time the friction disk glazes over and needs a Yanmar-part replacement. When the return spring weakens, cut off a couple of turns and rebend the cut end into another attachment hook. Not quite as easy as it sounds, but possible.
bill simmons Thanks guys for all your help----I believe I have it solved. You guys are right --the throttle has to be the fuel cut-off. My customer says he shut it down with the de-compression handle, and I know that,s not the right way. Thanks again to all of you. Bill

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