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PTO pulley removal

tvilberg I acquired a Yanmar 155D with a Ranger mower mounted under the belly. I'm removing the mower. I have everything off except the big pulley that is mounted to the rear PTO. There are three bolts and a flange on the rear-ward side of the pulley, so I backed them off. But the pulley won't budge.

Any ideas on how to get that big (20" diameter?) pulley off?

Al Correct me: The PTO shaft goes into the mower gear box which turns a horizontal pulley whose belt drives the sheaves (pulleys) that are above the mower deck, which turn the blades that are under. If so, isn't the pulley designed to be attached to the mower and come off with it?
tvilberg Not this one. On this mower a large pulley on the rear PTO turns a belt that travels down and forward to the deck itself. There are smaller pulleys at the rear, where the belt turns 90 degrees. I really don't know what is under the shrouding, but eventually the three blades rotate and cut the grass.

So my PTO drives a large pulley, that, in turn, powers the mower deck. No gear box.

Al Interesting: your design saves the cost, weight, and servicing needs of a gearbox. If the pulley is attached to the PTO shaft, can't you easily detach the PTO shaft at the PTO? Should be a spring-loaded locking pin you hold in while wiggling and pulling.

With the shaft out you can see how the pulley is attached to it, or forget it and if you need the PTO, get a new shaft if the attachment doesn't come with one.

Re: PTO pulley removal

Here is a photo of the large pulley.

Re: PTO pulley removal photo 2

Here is a closer photo of the large pulley. I have removed the three bolts from the flange. But it still won't pull off.

Al It's likely factory-supplied because it's painted in the old Yanmar color. I still think you should detach the shaft at the tractor, because it may be designed only for that mower.

Separating the pulley and shaft: I'll assume that what looks like a splined shaft protruding about an inch from the center of the pulley is the shaft. Just in case, look for a set-screw (or two) around the inner rim of the pulley. Its direction would be perpendicular to the shaft. If there is one you'll see its end into which you likely insert the right-size (try 5 mm) good-quality Allen key to unscrew it.

The pulley may be press-fit onto a slight taper on the shaft. Rest the pulley on a bench with the shaft pointing down, apply penetrating oil for a few days, and sledge-hammer the shaft down. Use a block of wood, but if you have to deface the end, grind it back later. Or try a bearing or gear puller, which some auto-parts stores loan or rent. Once it moves a millimeter, mission accomplished.

Al I hadn't seen the second photo when I answered; forget the set-screws. Looks like the flange is the answer. Don't know what the second set of smaller holes is for. I wonder if you could whack the pulley free of the flange. Or take it to a machine shop. But I doubt that shaft can be used for other purposes so I don't know what it would serve to get the pulley off, especially once it's off the tractor.
carl take the 3 bolts and put them into the other 3 holes, they are threaded. you thread the bolts in as even and a little at a time to press the pully off the hub. then use a 2 or 3 jaw puller to take the hub off, do not use a hammer, it will put force on the shaft bearing.
Norm Carl, what is actually securing the hub to the shaft?
tvilberg OK. The flange had 5 holes. Three were larger, not threaded, and were used to attach the pulley to the flange. The other two were threaded, using the same bolts as those used to attach the pulley.

Using those two holes (I expected three) I was able to push the flange off of the pulley.

The flange is rather thick --- maybe 1" from the splines center hole to the outer edge. The outer edge extends all of the way into the pulley, and has a long key on the outside surface, running its length, to keep the pulley from spinning on the flange.

I haven't had a chance yet to examine what kept the entire thing on the splined PTO shaft, but my guess is that the key not only controlled the pulley, but also held the flange onto the PTO shaft. Whatever it was, the flange wouldn't budge with the pulley attached but slid off easily once the two were separated.

Tomorrow, I'll try to get a photo or two of the disassembled flange, pulley, and PTO shaft and upload them --- along with a picture of the entire mower.

Thanks guys. I am WAY better off to ask a few questions and wait for you to supply the wisdom of experience than I am to attack the tractor with my limited abilities. I would have gotten out the hammer, and probably broken something.

carl the hub in cone shaped with slots ,when the pully is pressed on it compresses the cut slots putting preasure on the shaft. measure the distance from the end of the shaft to the hub, so you can put it on at the spot.
Mike Devitt I am trying to remove PTO pulley from craftsman lawn tractor#247.28888 .Ihave tried a puller with no results, I tried assisting with air chisel with no movement.Any help will be appreciated

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