Yanmar Engine 3T90T-J

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Yanmar Engine 3T90T-J

Mike I have an Yanmar 3 cyl. engine in my John Deere 1050 tractor(model 3T90t-J) I was told by the John Deere Dealer that I could not buy an rebuild kit that I would have to buy each piece seperatly. Does anyone know where or how to get a rebuild kit for this engine? Buying each part seperatly is sure to be expensive. Does anyone know if this engine is used in any Yanmar tractors? Any help would be appreciated.
stan I would try a yanmar 3000, i have a 3t80 engine in my yanmar2500. Good luck,
stan I find nothing in yanmar with the 3t90 engine. Maybe someone else knows more info to help.
Norm I doubt that Yanmar ever used that engine, especially the turbo model. There are NO Yanmar rebuild kits unless some aftermarket dealer decided to assemble one, which is very doubtful.
Chris I have a 3T90 as well in my JD 950, same motor-no turbo. I would be interested in a rebuild kit to, hope to rebuild next fall. I also have a YM-3000, different motor, 3T84. If you find a kit Mike, please post where you found it. Many of the 3T84 parts on the YM-3000 fit the 3T90, but the ones we need will not for sure. As a side note it looks like trans parts and most others will fit but be carefull, others like the lift cyl do not interchange. Good luck,

Norm What is the HP of the JD 950? Must be around 50. Not many big Yanmars around. Possibly the YM4300 has a 3T90 engine, but can't verify. The YM4500 has a 4 cyl. engine.
wayne Nobody that we've EVER encountered markets a specific "kit" for yanmar engines. You buy the parts you need. The 950 was rated 27 pto HP.
K10 The T at the end means it's a turbo'd engine.
Chris My 950 is rated at 27. That said, the 3T90J in the 950 seams to have more HP on the ground than the 3T84 in my YM-3000, and it is supposed to be 30 @ the PTO, 33 at the engine.

Norm The YM4220, about 50 HP, also has the 3T84 engine, and the YM4500, 54 HP is a 4 cylinder, but can't find what the YM4300 has. I believe the 84/90 is piston diameter in mm, although that doesn't hold true for smaller engines like 2T20, etc.
Pat I have a Yanmar 3110D with that engine in it. Though I have not owned the tractor since new, it does not appear the engine was ever painted JD Green. The tractor is red and Yanmar green on the engine. Interestingly, the engine is not turbocharged. My understanding is that the JD 1050 had this engine with a turbo. I read here or somewhere that in the engine number 3T90T-J, the second T means turbocharged and the J designated made for John Deere.

Has anyone else seen this engine in a 3110D or other Yanmar tractor. Has anyone seen it in any tractor without a turbocharger? The only other application I've run across is the turbocharged Yanmar 4300 using the 3T90T. Is there anything wrong with running this engine without a turbo?

Norm The YM3110D originally had a 3T84D engine. Is the writing on your engine plate in English or Japanese? I suspect someone has swapped out your # plate.
Chris You can get rebuild kits for yanmar engines. I have a 750 john deere with a 3t80uj yanmar engine. Now the kit costs 1,300 dollars, but....
lens Neither Yanmar or JD sell a rebuld kit. There are gasket kits for some models, but the rest of the parts are sold individually.
Pat The number 3T90T-J is part of the casting on top of the head. I'm not sure what you are calling the engine plate or where it is located but I'll take a look for it. Most of the other labels on the tractor are in Japanese.

Norm It should be down below the starter, by the dipstick.
Pat Norm, I checked that engine plate and it indeed is a 3T84d engine with a 3T90T-j head on it. THis would seem to indicate a 90mm piston size head on a 84mm piston size block. Can this be done with different sleeves or what?
Doug K I have a JD 1050 with 3T90T-J head which has a turbo. On tear down appears the head has cracks in all 3 cylinders, one was using water per chamber sandy scaring. Anyone know of a used head available? JD wants 1900.00 complete head. Also need a rebuild kit so am watching this site though does not look good. One note my cold egine primer was leaking possibly adding to head cracks? Can this engine be effectively run without turbo?
sakkie I had 35 Yanmar 330 and 336 tractors and 6 John D 1050. 330 and 336 3T84 (84 bore)engine and 1050 3T90 (90bore). The heads are interchangeable and the 1050 can run without a turbo.The weakpoints on these tractors are the gearboxes and cracked deads due to over heating. Due to part cost and availability I used Toyota Isuzu pistons and intake and exsause valves from a Massey Ferguson 135. The waterpumps I imported from India.
Doug K sakkie, your information is very interesting as to interchangable Yanmar head. Any recomendation where I might get a good used compatible head? Does JD 1050 intake exhaust manifolds fit. Also JD wants 100.00 for a head gasket, think the yanmar may fit? I have finally pulled the leaking liners (wow)and o-ring grooves are in good shape but the factory used some sealer above the top of the water o-ring area. Any idea which sealer it may be? Where might I get a imported water pump? Thanks for the info.
james barber I have the 3t90t on a yanmar 4300d. what toyota pistons did you use? did you have to change the rods? can you get toyota sleeves to fit aswell?
Biofueler Looking for information as to where I would tap the block (remove factory plugs) to install my cab heater.
It appears there may be options, but I dont want to 'guess' or play trial and error. Its already getting cold, and I just want to get er done.
Installing Litchfield cab on my John Deere 950, Yanmar 3T90J engine.

Larry I need to find a eng. rebuild guid for a JD 1050, is their a website that i can print just the pages that i need
Javier Aramburu I am looking foor parts to rebuild the engine., starting with sa new crankshaft. Mine is broken. Any advise?
aaron anyone know piston ring orientation on jd950 3t90j engine? rings have one compression ring with silver facing... does it go in top groove?? also top of piston is marked TA does mark go towards exhaust manifold side? rod bearing tabs go away or toward cam side ?? engine came to me in a basket
javier aramburu Can s crsck i thr head of the 3t90t-j be welded? Are there any consequences of using it without a turbo?
Javier Aramburu Any experience in repairing a cracked head? Thanks, Javier
Kevin Ok so the original question was "does anyone know where to get a gasket kit for a 3T90J" Im stil waiting for that answer because I need one as well.

dustin lewis Did you ever figure out the ring orientation on the 3T90T-J engine? I am putting mine back together and I didn't pay enough attention when I ripped it apart. I know the keystone goes on top but the other two not sure. thanks
sruiz does anyone know if a head off of a 3t72 engine will work on a 3t80 engine
charles ir
please send prices for j.d with 3t84 engine

std rings
std010,020 con/main bearing
top gasket
overhaul gasket
water pump

s hixson fredricks equip. Al.
sells yanmar parts for john deere

Russell Linville I need a rebuild kit as well
j-p tetreault i hme looking for parts to overal a yanmar diesel model 3t90j
jim benoit sr engine overhaul kit is w-ekit-950 sells for $900.52 is @ weaver compact tractor. 1-866-950-1050 .
brad Mike, Max force has parts for rebuilding yanmar 3t90T motor there # is 800-414-2095. If you need a head for it RCS Diesei Service in Ludlow,MA There # is 413-589-9976.
3T90T is in My 1050 JD Tractor 1980-1989
Hope this can help yor.

Curt talked to Valorie @ Maxiforce, they do NOT have rebuild kits for 3T90T.
Michael Bloodworth I have a J D 950 with a 3t90j head. I bought a replacement head for 700.00 with a 200.00 core. 75.00 for head gasket. Fredrick's in Hartsville Alabama. 256-751-3555. Great service.
Dennis Jones I have a yanmar YM4300D and it has a 3T90T engine. Unfortunately that wont make parts any easier to come by. This tractor was only sold in countries that didnt have a John Deere Dealer network
kenneth griffith need a rebuild kit with a head or good used engine
Antonio Good afternoon, I need a Cylinder head, of tractor 1050 Jhon Deere serial CH 3057T089457 MODEL 3T90T-J..to buy used or new..Antonio Costa Rica
Ted Thompson I have a 1050 tractor with power steering that threw a rod through the block for sale. Has alot of good parts. Would like to sell whole tractor.
RAECHEL POND Hi all, any chance a loader from a 3110 will fit on a JD 950, thanks
Joey I have a YM3220D with a 3T84T engine. It blew the head gasket and started to run hot very quickly, so I took the head off and noticed it has a 3t90T-J head on it. I have owned this tractor for 10+ yrs and this is the first trouble I've had with it. Is this a normal practice? Are these heads so close that it doesn't matter?

Joey I have a 3T84T-N with a 3T90T-J head, which head gasket should I use?
Morris Mallard This site shows re-build kits for Yanmar engines

geo I have a 3220 Yanmar 3T84T eng and 3T90T-J head, I have been looking for a good head but very hard to find.I found out the hard way if you blow the gasket buy new head bolt or it will do it over again and might crack the head like I did.
Barry i have a tech book for ring placement for the 3t90-j motor
Phil Barr Have a 1980 JD 1050 looking for a complete long block assy and a turbo. The block is cracked internally. Where could I find one. Please email me or call 517-403-3331, I am located in Michigan.
Deborah McQueen I work selling Yanmar Industrial engine parts and Remans for most all Yanmar engines. Let me know if you have any questions... happy to help. Deborah

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