yanmar 1802D

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yanmar 1802D

matt HOWDY i'm looking at a ym 1802d with a allied 95 fel.4'rotory mower and a tiller for 6800 hundred,not sure how good the price is,also it green and yellow look like a john deere,it's got 660 hours on it look like it in very good shape any ideas why it's green and not red,also it has a draft lever can't find any informatin on what it does.cant seem to find out if this a good tractor or not any help would be great thank you
Al Price strikes me as a little on the high side. I wouldn't buy a general-purpose tractor without a front loader on it, but depends what you'll use it for.

Tillers are costly to buy, easy to rent, and generally used once or twice a year. If this is a Japanese one, make sure it works on soil, not just rice paddies.

If it's Deere green, it's like somebody painting a Japanese dozer Caterpiller yellow. If it's lime green, it's the pre-red Yanmar color.

If you want to give your location, maybe one of us would have a look.

Smitty I think it has a front end loader - fel
Al Yup -- missed the fel; sorry. Price is OK then if it's as good as it looks, but you can't necessarily go by new paint.
wayne Instead of wondering whether or not a specific tractor is a good model (and why on earth someone would paint it JD colors) why not simply find a dealer who has a good, long-standing reputation in the grey market---one with lots of references to offer---and buy with more confidence? There are such dealers, who have been in this market a decade or longer, who offer references, who have a good reputation. You can do online searches on a number of them and find good reports at a variety of forums. Some of them---like us---even offer a 6 month parts & labor warranty.
matt http://www.compact-tractors.com/ym1802d.htm
this is the web site of a dealer that has one just like what i'm looking at also got the price down to 5800 hundered I'v had two people look at this tractor and they belive it is in very good shape,looking to see if any one has had any ture life experinence with one and how they do out in the field under working condition seem to me every time I find one to look at they are jd green and yellow or jd green and white take a look and see what you guy's think.also any idea what the draft lever does is it like a float lever what dealer are you with wayne i've been all over the internet reading everything i can find on this model mostly you find ym1500 ym1700 or smaller and bigger models just wondering how the ym1802D hold up thanks agian guy's I love this wed site

matt thanks al yea it has a fel it a allied 95 i'm in boise idaho,here's a web site that has the same tractor looks just like what I'm looking at thanks again.http://www.compact-tractors.com/ym1802d.htm.same color and everything
wayne I gave you the best advice I have to give. You make your own decision. I have never understood why people would plop down thousands of dollars without references. Why would they paint them JD colors when JD WON A LAWSUIT against chinese tractor companies for violation of trade dress (using JD colors) just a couple of years ago? To my way of thinking no responsible dealer would do that...it's just poking the bear.
Wes Matt, I have a YM 1802. Have had it about 3 years now. It does not have 4 wheel dive. I do not have a FEL. I only have a 5 foot finish mower. I use it to cut my lawn, about 1 acre.
So I don't work it hard, but it cranks and runs like a car. I love it. It is the standard Yanmar Red and Yellow. Wes

matt thanks wayne for the advice that's why i came to this board just had a few questions could'nt find out why they were jd color's thanks agian
matt HI wes,that's what I going to use a tractor for also is to mow 3 acre of grass for my horse's and clean stall's so the fel will be handy,thanks for the information just don't understand the jd color's I've see three or four this way while most are red must just be someone wild idea,sounds like trouble to me if jd sued because of it thanks agian

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